Is Minecraft an Online Multiplayer Game?

Is Minecraft an Online Multiplayer Game?

Since its inception in 2009 Minecraft has captured the mind of millions of kids across the globe. It helps kids learn survival and creative techniques while they have fun. Making a genre of its own. But can kids compete with each other and is Minecraft an online multiplayer game?

Minecraft is an online multiplayer game. You can connect to any known online multiplayer server and play with others. Even if you don’t find one, you create your own server and invite others to join.

The first thing I look at in any new game is its online multiplayer aspect. Online multiplayer games are so common that single-player games look boring and dumb. Thus the multiplayer aspect of any game gives it an edge over the others. Let’s explore the multiplayer options of Minecraft and ways to set it up.

Is Minecraft an Online Multiplayer game?

Minecraft gives three options for online players according to their game edition.

DeviceEditionPrice($)Available On
Windows 10Bedrock26.99Minecraft Store On Windows 10
Oculus RiftBedrock26.99Minecraft Store On Windows 10
Windows mixed realityBedrock26.99Minecraft Store On Windows 10
Apple PhonesBedrock6.99Apple App Store
Android PhonesBedrock6.99Play Store
Windows PhonesBedrock6.99Windows Store

How do you go online with friends on Minecraft?

For Windows 10, Xbox, and mobile devices there are three servers available. Minecraft online players can choose from Lifeboat, Mineplex, and InPvP servers. You can also add a known server and enjoy the multiplayer experience.

How to Play Multiplayer Minecraft on PC?

Is Minecraft an Online Multiplayer Game?

1. Java Edition

Online servers

From the main menu of the game go to the multiplayer option to add servers. You can find the IP of the best server online according to your need. But Your Minecraft version should match with the server for a successful connection. Windows, Mac, and Linux with Java edition cannot cross-platform play with Bedrock Devices. Go to, download the server file, and set it up to play with two or more players.

Minecraft Realms

If finding a server looks tedious to you then opt for Minecraft Realms. Majong developed this multiplayer service for Minecraft players. Up to ten players can connect through the game client and play with each other.

Minecraft Realms is the best and safest way to go in the online world of survival and creativity. Parents can relax and let their kids enjoy this online experience with their friends. But unlike random servers, Realms only allows players with invites. Hence making it the safest option.

One major advantage of Realms from the player’s point of view is world-building. Players can build the worlds and guests can access them even when the creator is offline. How amazing is that? It’s more fun if I know that my work will still be there when I am not online.

Majong is offering Realms at a cost of $7.99 per month for up to 20 players. This cost is nothing if you want your kids to play online in a safe environment and for you to remain carefree. You can find more plans in detail here.

One major disadvantage of Realms is that you cannot use plugins and mods in realms.

2. How to Play Multiplayer Minecraft on Mobile?

On mobile download Minecraft PE from the play store. Open the app and press the play button. On the upper right corner, you can tap the edit option to enter the server details available to you.

You can get the server details like server name, address, and IP from Google search. ‘Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers’ and ‘lifeboat servers’ are available online on many websites. Search online and start playing.

3. How to Play Multiplayer Minecraft on Xbox?

To go multiplayer on Xbox you need to have a multiplayer premium account. Go to your Online privacy and multiplayer option. Enable: ”Join Multiplayer games” and ”You can create and join clubs” from your Xbox account.

Once you have enabled all the settings you can choose from the list of servers. Lifeboat, Mineplex, and InPvP servers are all available on Xbox. Choose from the list of servers available and connect with them. You can also add servers from your own list you created from online searches.

4. How to Play Multiplayer Minecraft on PS?

Same as Xbox subscription you need to subscribe to the PlayStation® Plus plan. Lifeboat, Mineplex, and InPvP are available in PS as well. Create a Microsoft account, pay for Realms or add server details and you are good to go.

How do I play Minecraft with friends without realms?

Is Minecraft an Online Multiplayer Game?


So what if you don’t want to pay an extra fee for realms or you don’t have an internet connection? Don’t worry you can still play with your friends. All you need is a PC server with all the systems connected to a LAN, wireless, or ethernet.

Each player can connect to the server and choose the option to join it. The central PC or server should be of high configuration to handle all the other systems. Remember with this option you can only play on a Windows computer. Cross-platform connections won’t be possible.

On Consoles

Use the split-screen option from the respective consoles. This way up to four players without any Realms subscription and Internet can play on one screen.

Gamers without PlayStation® Plus have to disable the multiplayer option from level settings. Else you won’t be able to use the split-screen option.

How to play Minecraft with friends without signing in?


For LAN connections you don’t need to sign in to your online accounts. This option is best for parents who can set up LAN connections and allow a group of kids to join. No information gets shared with the online servers as the network is local.


Minecraft is a multiplayer game that has come a long way and known name in gaming fertility. Out of all the options, Minecraft Realms by Majong is the best way to play online with others. It’s hassle-free, safe, and has the highest level of privacy. If paying an extra fee is an issue choose from online servers, LAN, or Minecraft PE.