Is Minecraft Good For Your Brain? Does It Make You Smarter?

Is Minecraft Good For Your Brain? Does It Make You Smarter?

Many parents are concerned about their children’s increasing playtimes leading to lethargy and perceived health problems. However, parents can make their playtime worthwhile by promoting games that offer educational benefits and encourage healthy brain activities. That being said, is Minecraft the perfect substitute? Or does it offer no additional benefit at all?

Considering the category of educational, strategy, and non-violent games, Minecraft undoubtedly offers one of the best platforms. It promotes a wide range of fundamental skills, including creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. It also complements elementary skills like reading, writing, and math. 

Minecraft is the gateway for a fun-filled and engaging world that has immense potential ranging from secret block combinations to building huge skyscrapers. Not only does it offer a lot of fun for your leisure and family time, but it also has some really good benefits on offer. 

Is Minecraft Good For Your Brain?

Gaming has often been associated with negative outcomes like indolence, poor school performance, obesity, and other unhealthy consequences. This popular leisure activity has received a lot of mixed opinions, often without any research backing them up. However, games like Minecraft, providing complete control of your journey, are creatively designed to promote healthy brain activities. This has shown some surprisingly beneficial results for your brain.

For instance, consider the recent study of Gregory Clemenson of the University of California. He and his team deduced that playing Minecraft improves long-term memory and spatial awareness. This functioning is important for cognitive development in children and task-management of adults in their daily lives. Too complex to understand all of this? Just know that if your kids are avid players of Minecraft, it’s good for them and their brains!

Does Minecraft make you smarter?

Although there are no studies to confirm the increase in IQ level of kids by playing Minecraft. But with the amount of exploration, free-hand, and decision-making that Minecraft world has to offer, this fun-filled adventure will surely make you smarter and more creative. There are many factors involved in gaming that may contribute to making your child smart, but here the most plausible benefits of playing Minecraft:

Promoting Creativity

Minecraft is an open-world game that is famous for the immense possibilities of building almost anything that your kid can imagine. With 400 unique items and 926.1 quadrillion blocks per map, Minecraft offers unprecedented opportunities and limitless creativity in either recreating a fictional or real-world architecture or inventing something entirely new.  

To demonstrate, consider ‘WesterosCraft’, a megaproject with the goal of recreating Westeros, the continent from Game of Thrones. The community has been working on this since 2011 and at present, they are at 62% completion. You can imagine the enormity of this project and the potential that Minecraft has to offer.


The ‘Survival Mode’ is one example of how Minecraft promotes problem-solving. Once the mode starts, players have to quickly figure out how to gather sufficient resources, build structures, battle with hostile mobs, and eat to survive. This mode requires efficient strategies and critical thinking to keep yourself alive in these 10-minute rounds.

Most games actively revolve around promoting problem-solving skills, but Minecraft is unique in the sense that it offers an immense amount of freedom to its players. They can set their own goals, make their own story and meet challenges in hundreds of different ways. 

Is Minecraft bad for your child?

Minecraft is used as a learning tool in many schools. Teachers use the highly immersive game to educate students about various subjects like Maths, Physics, History, and more. This teaching methodology can help students explore, imagine, and learn differently compared to the conventional classroom.

Minecraft is definitely educational. Not only does it have a great entertainment value, but it also promotes healthy activities, teaches valuable lessons of teamwork, and boosts basic skills, so Minecraft is not bad for your child, it’s a great side activity for them! However, children’s playing times should be monitored and excessive gaming should be discouraged.

Teamwork and Community Engagement

Is Minecraft Good For Your Brain? Does It Make You Smarter?

Players can work together on shared servers and achieve common goals by dividing up the tasks, pooling and sharing resources, getting rid of creepers, skeletons, or zombies. They might even gather enough courage to challenge Ender Dragon and Withers. 

It teaches the players to resolve their problems, communicate effectively, and become great team players. In Minecraft, everyone can also participate and engage with different communities, creating a seamless and fun-filled experience 

Boosting Basic Skills: Reading, Writing, and Math

To make a TNT block, you need 4 quantities of sand and 5 quantities of gunpowder, seems easy, right? Well, there are 100s of combinations for making different recipes, and most of the kids are well-versed with many of these combinations. Similarly, the written guides and chat sections also help in reinforcing the basic skills of reading and writing.

Does Minecraft Kill Brain Cells?

Minecraft is like a ‘Digital Lego’; it doesn’t involve highly detailed graphics with complex storylines; instead, it’s a 3D game where everything is made up of cubes and the whole world exists in pixelated form. Such a simple yet engaging game in fact builds up brain cells instead of killing them. Minecraft helps elevate your mood and make for improved heart rhythms, which ultimately helps relieve your stress.

Minecraft is an amazing platform for its young players to develop an interest in programming, architecture, engineering, and whatnot. It showcases the real talent of young minds, take the example of Aiden from New Mexico, the 10-year old designed a portcullis that rises automatically when someone steps in front of it. Due to Minecraft, Aiden has developed a deep interest in programming and now wishes to be a programmer.

What’s Next?

Minecraft’s immense popularity should be celebrated and not criticized as it is the epitome of fostering creativity and reinforcing basic skill sets. Minecraft’s an amazing game, and anyone who has played it will surely be impressed by it. 

Note that, although Minecraft offers a lot of benefits, this doesn’t mean that increased gaming hours should be encouraged. Long hours of constant gaming may lead to idleness, obesity, and other health problems. Outdoor activities are also an important part of life, therefore, playing times of children should be limited and monitored.

  • Hrvoje Milakovic is co-owner of Fiction Horizon and a big cinephile. Apart from that, he likes to read comics, play games and collect action figures. He has been featured on LifeWire, Yahoo and IMDb, to name a few.