Is Momonosuke an Ancient Weapon?

Is Momonosuke an Ancient Weapon?

Kozuki Momonosuke is the current shogun of Wano Country and patriarch of the Kozuki family, being the son of the last daimyo of the Kuri region, Kozuki Oden. He was born twenty-eight years before the current timeline but traveled twenty years into the future while still eight years old. He became a prominent character in the Wano County arc and because of his endeavor, some fans have speculated that Momonosuke might be an Ancient Weapon. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Momonosuke is an Ancient Weapon in One Piece.

The chances of Kozuki Momonosuke being an Ancient Weapon are slim to none. We already know that he is neither Pluton nor Poseidon, so he could only be Uranus, since that one is the only one that has not been revealed yet. But, the chances of Momonosuke actually being Uranus are almost nonexistent because it simply wouldn’t fit the current lore, although there is a minimal chance that Oda could still surprise us.

In this article, we are going to discuss the possibility of Kozuki Momonosuke being an Ancient Weapon in One Piece. We’re going to tell you a bit about Momonosuke, his powers, and his abilities, after which we are going to analyze whether it is possible for him to be an Ancient Weapon in One Piece. There might be some spoilers in this article, so be careful how you approach it.

Who is Kozuki Momonosuke in One Piece?

As Kōzuki Oden’s son, Kōzuki Momonosuke is the rightful heir of the Kōzuki family, which ruled over a Kuri in Wano Country but was deposed. In order to hide Momosuke’s identity, he is introduced to the Mugiwara pirate gang as the son of his protector, Kin’emon. Momonosuke was kidnapped some time ago by the Broker organization under Donquixote Doflamingo and taken to Punk Hazard with Sindo, Mocha, Doran, and other kidnapped children, where he is subjected to the Caesar Crown medical experiments.

Shortly after his protector, Kin’emon, infiltrated the lab and joined forces with the Mugiwara pirate gang to search for and rescue him, Crown’s subordinates realize the boy has disappeared. One of the girls reports that he went into a forbidden room and was transformed into a small dragon thanks to an artificial Devil Fruit he ate. Momonosuke later returned in the Wano Country arc and played a larger role in the Alliance’s attempts to take down Kaido and Big Mom.

What are Momonosuke’s powers and abilities?

As the patriarch of the Kozuki family, Momonosuke is the leader of all the members belonging to it, including Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, rulers of the Mink Tribe. In addition, he is one of the leaders of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, so his influence is very important within the said alliance. As the leader of the alliance’s Wano warriors, Momonosuke has authority over them.

It was also mainly thanks to his presence that most of the Udon prisoners joined the alliance in the first place. However, being still young, he hardly uses said authority, entrusting most of it to his loyal retainer Kin’emon.

As the current shogun, Momonosuke is in complete control of Wano Country. Although he has not displayed the inhuman strength his father had as a child, Momonosuke managed to survive a brutal beating from Kanjuro; this surprised the samurai, who attributed it to Momonosuke having Oden’s blood.


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This was further shown after Momonosuke became an adult; he felt no pain after being hit by Hiyori and Nami, and seems to have inherited his father’s stamina and toughness from him. Momonosuke learned basic swordsmanship from his father at a very young age. Although Momonosuke has been seen in possession of swords, he has not been seen wielding them in actual combat.

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Therefore, his skill level in handling them is unknown. After his return to Wano, he is seen practicing his swordsmanship on different occasions, but he still did not consider himself worthy enough to wield Ame no Habakiri.

Momonosuke is later seen training and receiving advice from Zoro during the three days leading up to the assault on Onigashima. While tied up by Kanjuro, Momonosuke was able to use a knife he found on the ground to free himself from the ropes. Although he was easily overpowered by the samurai, Momonosuke managed to cut Kanjuro’s palm with the knife during the scuffle.

Momonosuke ate the Artificial Devil Fruit, created by Vegapunk, which is considered a failure. It’s a Zoan-type fruit that turns him into a serpentine dragon and appears to give him the power to fly by creating clouds he can cling to. Having eaten this fruit very recently, Momonosuke does not fully control his power and was unaware that it was possible to return to human form until Luffy told him. He will later return to his human form when Kin’emon regains consciousness. The dragon is a mythological creature so we can classify this devil fruit in the unusual category of Mythical Zoans.

Is Kozuki Momonosuke an Ancient Weapon in One Piece?

The Ancient weapons in One Piece are the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction in the world that were built during the Void Century. There are only three: Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. These weapons are not limited only to inanimate things like normal weapons, but can also be latent in any being, that is, it is just a special ability.

The Ancient Weapons are the argument used by the World Government to ban Void Century research, as they fear that knowledge of these weapons could result in a world war. However, this hasn’t stopped some members of the World Government, most notably Spandam and the former Sea Warrior Crocodile, from trying to claim one for themselves. Some even unaware of the Void Century have been drawn to its power, as was the case with Vander Decken IX and his interest in Shirahoshi, also known as Poseidon.


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Not much is known about them collectively, and since we are going to analyze each of these weapons individually in separate articles, we won’t be giving you too many details here in this article. They are powerful and they are mysterious, which is why they are so important for the whole One Piece lore. In act, the Ancient Weapons are basically the most powerful weapons in the whole One Piece lore, which speaks enough about their relevance for the plot.

As you can see, two of the three ancient weapons are known – Pluton is a lost ship, and Poseidon is Shirahoshi – which means that Momonosuke is certainly not Pluton or Poseidon. This means that he could potentially be Uranus, the only unknown weapon thus far, but as far as we understand, the chances for that are quite slim. Based on what we know about Momonosuke, the chances of him being Uranus are slim – he is not powerful enough, and it wouldn’t really fit the lore.

Sure, Oda has not revealed what or who Uranus is, so we could be in for a surprise, but Momonosuke doesn’t seem to be a likely candidate. He already has a role in the story and in that context, we don’t think that Oda would make such a U-turn and suddenly turn him into one of the most powerful weapons in the franchise.

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