Is Moon Knight Canceled? Rumors Debunked

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When Moon Knight was submitted for Emmys consideration as a series that was part of the limited series category, there were rumors that the show was going to get canceled by Disney because a limited series only lasts for one single season. This came as a shock for fans of Moon Knight, which has become one of the most popular series in the MCU due to how new and interesting the character is. So, did Disney really cancel Moon Knight?

Moon Knight was not canceled. The original plan for Moon Knight was for it to be a limited series composed of six episodes all along. As such, it was always going to be a limited series that was never going to get a second season. And it is possible that Moon Knight’s story will continue in a future movie.

Revealing that Moon Knight was always going to be a limited series is a sigh of relief to fans of the show. While Moon Knight was never going to get a second season, it being a limited series all along opens up the possibility of the story making its way to the big screen. As such, let’s look at what we know about the rumors of Moon Knight being canceled. 

Why Are There Rumors That Moon Knight Is Canceled?

Moon Knight is the newest Marvel story to hit Disney+ in a series format as this show introduces a new character in the form of Moon Knight, who is the avatar of justice of the Egyptian god named Khonshu. And Moon Knight has become popular with different fans all over the world because of how it introduces a new character that has never been seen in the MCU.

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But as popular as Moon Knight may be, there have been rumors circulating that the series has gotten the axe from Disney and is going to get canceled. So, why are there rumors that Moon Knight is going to get canceled?

The reason why there have been rumors about Moon Knight being canceled is the fact that it has been submitted to the Emmys as a limited series. And this is where it becomes interesting because a limited series usually lasts for only one season.

As such, considering that people found out that Moon Knight was submitted as a limited series for the Emmys, there was a conclusion that it was submitted as such because it was canceled by Disney and will no longer get a new season.

Is Moon Knight Really Canceled?

While it is true that Moon Knight did indeed get submitted as a limited series for the Emmys, that doesn’t mean that it was canceled. As such, fans shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet because there are no indications that Moon Knight has been canceled by Disney.

The original intention was for Moon Knight to be a limited series. That means that the entire show was produced to be a limited series from the very start and was never canceled along the way during the lifetime of the show. And this isn’t something new because shows like WandaVision and Hawkeye have also been submitted as limited series.


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To be clear, a limited series is a show with a storyline that concludes in one single season and no longer needs a subsequent season to continue the same storyline. In a sense, a limited series is merely one and done because everything will be concluded in one single season without the need for it to have more seasons in the future.

As such, the story of Moon Knight was always intended to conclude in this one single six-episode season that we are getting, and that means that it was never canceled. This is good news for fans of the show because of the fact that neither Disney nor Marvel Studios have given up on Moon Knight.

What Is The Future Of Moon Knight?

While Moon Knight may be a limited series, the fact that it was introduced into the MCU means that it does have a future in the greater scheme of things. However, what is the possible future of Moon Knight?

At this point, it is tough to tell what Marvel Studios is planning for Moon Knight because we are yet to see how it ends. Like a lot of different MCU movies and shows, it is quite possible that the future of Moon Knight will be revealed in the post-credit scenes, as Marvel Studios usually uses these scenes to connect movies and shows with one another.

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As such, there is a good possibility that Moon Knight will return in a different form in the future as the storyline and the characters may find themselves integrated with another MCU movie or show, especially if the ending of the series connects it with the other MCU stories that we have today. And if you know a thing or two about the Moon Knight comics, the character has teamed up with other heroes at some points in history.

What that means is that it is quite possible that Moon Knight will team up with a character from a different MCU movie or show sometime in the future. We might see the character on the big screen in theaters if Moon Knight somehow teams up with the other Marvel heroes that have already been introduced.


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Of course, there is also a good chance that Moon Knight will indeed return in the future as a series. That’s because a limited series doesn’t have to be limited, per se. In some instances, a limited series can follow the limited series format by introducing new seasons that follow an anthology-like storyline in the sense that the stories of these newer seasons are not entirely connected to the previous seasons. Think of it as something similar to the James Bond movies that have different stories that aren’t necessarily connected to the previous movies.

In that regard, Moon Knight may indeed return in the series format in the future but will have a different storyline that is separate and distinct from the one we have now. But we are leaning toward the possibility that the Moon Knight series was meant to be a launchpad for the character so that Marvel can integrate him sometime in the future in the other MCU movies and shows.

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