Is Ms. Marvel A Mutant? (& Is Kamala Bringing X-Men In The MCU)

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One of the things that we learn in Ms. Marvel is that her powers are tied to the bangle that she is wearing as it allows her to tap into her inner power. In a sense, her powers are her own, but the bangle just allows her to use them. But there was an interesting topic in the Ms. Marvel finale because Bruno told Kamala that none of her family members have the same powers because she was the only one whose genes have a “mutation.” So, does that mean that Ms. Marvel is a mutant?

There is a possibility that Ms. Marvel is a mutant and that she could be the one to open the floodgates for the mutants and the X-Men to join the MCU. Ever since Disney acquired Fox, it was only a matter of time for mutants to appear in the MCU. And Ms. Marvel could open the possibility for the X-Men in the future.

It was interesting to include the possibility that Ms. Marvel could be a mutant because people have been wondering how the MCU would finally include the X-Men in its universe. This small tidbit is what could end up becoming a way for the X-Men to enter the fray, especially considering that the MCU is now becoming bigger and bigger.

Could Kamala Khan Be A Mutant?

Throughout the entire Ms. Marvel series, one of the things we got to learn was the fact that Kamala Khan in the MCU is different from her comic book counterpart because of the fact that their origins are different. In the comic books, she is a regular human that obtained Inhuman powers due to the Terrigen Mist. However, because the Inhumans don’t exist in universe-616, which is the MCU, Kamala’s origins as a character were changed.

That was when we learned that she was able to control and create constructs of light after she started wearing a bangle that once belonged to her great-grandmother, Aisha. In a way, she obtained powers that are not unlike DC’s Green Lantern in the sense that she could create light constructs at will and use them for both offense and defense or even for mobility.

Bruno, Kamala’s genius best friend, analyzed her energy signals and found out that the power was not coming from the bangle but from within her. However, it was through the bangle that she was able to access her powers. This seems like it’s something similar to Thor’s powers in the sense that he has the innate power to control thunder but uses Mjolnir or Stormbreaker to further enhance his powers.


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We learned that Kamala’s great-grandmother comes from the Light Dimension, and that means that a part of Kamala’s heritage is not from her own dimension or universe. That partly explained how she was able to control the Noor, which is the power that comes from the Light Dimension. However, the one thing that still bothered those who kept up with the series was the fact that none of the other people who came from the Light Dimension were able to use the Noor in the same manner as Kamala.

Not even Aisha was able to make full use of its power as the best that she could do was to ask the bangle to send Kamala back in time to save Sana. Najma couldn’t even access the Noor as well. Only Kamala was ever able to do so, but this was never completely addressed throughout the series.

However, near the end of the series finale, Kamala met up with both Nakia and Bruno so that they could go joyriding before they had to spend the summer apart from each other. However, Bruno told Kamala that he further analyzed her DNA and cross-referenced it with the genes of her family members because her brother, Aamir, was bugging him to check whether or not he also had powers.

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That was when Bruno told Kamala that she was the only one with the genes that allowed her to control the Noor. He also told her that her genes somehow underwent a mutation, and that was probably the reason why she had powers while none of her other family members could control the Noor. So, does that mean that Kamala is a mutant?

At this point, it is still up in the air what Kamala’s true nature is because there are still plenty of things that the MCU could explore regarding her origins. We know for a fact that the comic book Kamala Khan has Inhuman powers after getting exposed to the Terrigen Mist. But Marvel Studios might have decided to turn her into a mutant instead so that they could allow the mutants to enter the MCU.

Is Kamala Bringing The X-Man In The MCU?

We know for a fact that the MCU is eventually going to include the X-Men sometime in the future after Disney acquired majority ownership over 20th Century Fox, which owns the license to the cinematic version of the X-Men. However, it has been unclear how the mutants and the X-Men were going to join the MCU.

Of course, we did see Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However, the character belonged in a different universe, which isn’t the same universe where the MCU takes place. Still, the fact that Professor X was included in the movie means that the MCU is serious about someday including the X-Men into the universe, considering that the X-Men are some of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics history.

This is where Kamala Khan might come in as a person that could open up the floodgates for the mutants to enter the MCU. We already know that the mutants don’t exist in the MCU, or else they would have already surfaced by now. It would have been impossible for them to stay hidden with all of the things that have already happened to the world and the entire universe. But we do know that Kamala’s origins are extradimensional in nature.


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The Light Dimension could be an entirely different universe that exists in the multiverse. We also found out in the events of episode 5 of Ms. Marvel that the bangle was able to open a gateway to the Light Dimension, even though it might have killed everything it touched. But this doesn’t dismiss the possibility that Ms. Marvel could one day open gateways to other dimensions or even universes, just like how America Chavez has the innate power to do so.

Of course, Kamala being a mutant is still a possibility, and that could mean that her great-grandmother and the Clandestines came from a universe where mutants exist. While neither Aisha nor the Clandestines are mutants, they might carry mutant genes that could give rise to potential mutants in their bloodline, and that could also explain why Kamran also has powers that are similar to Kamala.

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With that said, there is a good possibility that Kamala will have a direct hand in the introduction of the X-Men or the mutants to the MCU, especially if the entire multiversal mess of Phase Four gets sorted out. We still know for a fact that incursions are dangerous and could lead to the destruction of several universes, and that is why it is dangerous for a person to visit different universes.

So, in that regard, there is a good chance that the entire mess involving incursions would get sorted out and fixed sometime in the future so that people from different universes could freely travel from one universe to another without causing an incursion. And with Kamala having extradimensional origins, it could be possible that her powers are somehow linked to the multiverse and that she could possibly bring more mutants into the MCU.

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