Is Odd Taxi Coming Back for Season 2 With a Mysterious Twitter Countdown?

Odd Taxi is probably one of the hottest and most interesting mystery anime series in 2021 and beyond as the fans are eagerly waiting on the second season to be officially released. Odd Taxi debuted in 2021 with 13 episodes, airing from April to June 2021. This mystery anime is following an anthropomorphic walrus, Odokawa, who is a taxi driver.

Odokawa is just an ordinary 41-year-old taxi driver, but with a  twist – his parents left him when he was in elementary school, so he is robbed of adequate social skills, making him awkward. Even though Odokawa is antisocial, that doesn’t stop him from having conversations with his passengers as he is driving around Tokyo.

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In a series of events and conversations with customers, Odokawa is drawn into a murder mystery. Both the police and the yakuza are after him because all the leads they are following take them to the taxi driver, Odokawa. According to the New Yorker, Odd Taxi is one of the best series in 2021.

The first season had a definitive ending, which left fans around the world wondering if they will get to see Odokawa in another adventure wrapped in dark humor and a captivating story.

The official Odd Taxi Twitter account posted a countdown recently, which led many followers and fans to wonder whether the countdown is ticking to the announcement of the second season of this clever anime mystery. The countdown is set to end on Christmas day, December 25th, 2021.

The second season might happen after all for Odd Taxi to the delight of fans around the world.

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