Is Reva Going to Turn Good and Join The Path After Obi-Wan Episode 5?


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Episode 5 of Obi-Wan Kenobi allowed us to learn more about Reva and what her reasons are for wanting to earn the title of Grand Inquisitor. She revealed that Anakin Skywalker killed all of her friends in the Jedi Temple during the events of Order 66, and that meant that she wanted to get as close to Vader so that she could get her revenge for what he did back then. Eventually, she lost to Darth Vader in a duel and was left wounded. So, does that mean that Reva is going to become good and will join the Path?

The ending of Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5 suggests that Reva might find out about Luke and how he is related to Darth Vader. It is possible that Reva will use this to her advantage and will take her revenge on the boy instead. This was hinted at when Obi-Wan had a bad feeling at the end of the episode.

A simple loss to Darth Vader would not be enough to turn Reva from the dark side and allow her to become good again. Her heart is still very much filled with rage and hatred towards not only Darth Vader but the Grand Inquisitor as well. That is why we believe that she won’t turn good just yet and will certainly have something up her sleeve in the finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

What Happened To Reva At The End Of Episode 5?

It isn’t rare for different Star Wars movies and series to have their own twists and turns. That is exactly what happened in the Obi-Wan series when the biggest twist of the story came in episode 5. Of course, it was something related to Reva, who was billed as the main antagonist of a series that is full of different antagonists.

Throughout Obi-Wan, Reva seemed like a mad dog that had gotten out of her leash as she was hunting Obi-Wan and the other remaining Jedi like a rabid hound. Her obsession with Kenobi even went as far as seemingly killing the Grand Inquisitor when he was trying to keep her in line in relation to her rash decisions as an Inquisitor. And throughout the series, she did some of the craziest things to get Kenobi’s attention and hopefully bring him to Darth Vader.

At first, Reva seemed like a power-hungry Inquisitor that simply wanted to rise through the ranks and become the new Grand Inquisitor because those who are on the Dark Side of the Force are always hungry for power. But that wasn’t the case when she revealed her backstory during the events of episode 5. 

When Reva and Obi-Wan had an opportunity to talk in private, Kenobi thought that she was too young to have known that Darth Vader was Anakin Skywalker unless she was there in the Jedi Temple during Order 66. That was when Reva revealed that she was indeed there as a youngling as Anakin began slaughtering all of them. She was only able to stay alive because she hid among the bodies of her friends and faked her own death.

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Reva revealed that she grew to hate Anakin after that incident because he took away the only family she ever knew. Since then, she had plotted her revenge on Vader and had to join the Inquisitors so that she could get close enough to him. And the fact that she was aiming to become Grand Inquisitor showcased her desire to become Vader’s most trusted enforcer so that she could find an opening to kill him herself.

However, when Kenobi convinced Reva to let him go so that he could act as a decoy that Vader would be fixed on, she agreed to do so because she believed that the Sith Lord would be so focused on Obi-Wan that he would not see her assassination attempt coming. That was when she tried to kill Vader from behind, only for the dark lord to stop her using the Force. This led to a duel that Reva ultimately lost because she was leagues behind Darth Vader’s skills and control over the Force.

Vader stabbed Reva in the abdomen as the Grand Inquisitor himself revealed that he had survived her attempt at his life. Both Vader and the Grand Inquisitor left her for dead without finishing her off, as it might have been a way for them to allow her to suffer for her treacherous acts.

Is Reva Going To Turn Good?

Even though Reva was left to die on the planet alone and was basically helpless because of her wound, she was still very much alive and was fighting for her life. As the Grand Inquisitor said, revenge does wonder for the will to live. In that regard, Reva’s hunger for vengeance was probably what kept her alive after sustaining what would have been a fatal stab wound.

Considering that Reva had already been defeated by Vader and had nowhere else to go, what does that mean for her? Does it mean that she will eventually turn good and will join the Path to help Force-sensitive individuals to escape the wrath of the Empire? Well, not necessarily. And the reason can be seen in the ending of episode 5.


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As she was crawling to reach her lightsaber, Reva noticed that Obi-Wan’s communication device was on the ground as he accidentally dropped it while trying to escape. The damaged device was seemingly transmitting a message from Bail Organa himself. This transmission mentioned something about the Empire finding out about “the children” if ever they were to catch Obi-Wan. On top of that, Organa also said that he was on his way to Tatooine for “the boy,” who is actually Luke Skywalker.


During that time, the scene switched back and forth between Reva and Obi-Wan, who was already off in space. He felt a disturbance in the Force and believed that something wrong was going to happen. This could point to the possibility that Reva finding that transmission from Bail Organa was a bad thing, as she could possibly use this knowledge to her advantage.

What Will Reva Do In Episode 6?

After losing to Vader in a duel and getting ousted from the Empire, Reva no longer had anything left in her life. She could no longer take revenge on Darth Vader directly because she already knew that she didn’t have a chance against him. And this is where the children come in.

Reva finding that transmission from Bail Organa could mean that she could end up learning about Luke and Leia and their true parentage. That means that it might be a matter of time before she ends up learning that Luke and Leia are actually Anakin’s children.

Considering that she could no longer take vengeance on Vader directly, there is a good chance that Reva will head to Tatooine to use Luke to her advantage instead. It is quite possible that her anger and quest for vengeance run so deep that she would go as far as to try to kill Luke as a means of exacting her revenge on the boy’s father.


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That is where Obi-Wan might come in to step in and stop Reva from killing Luke. We all know that she won’t kill Luke because that would mean the end of the entire Star Wars story. And it might boil down to Kenobi finding a way to stop Reva from doing the unthinkable and doing the exact same thing that Anakin did ten years ago when he killed innocent younglings.

But, instead of killing Reva, Obi-Wan might find a way to redeem her and convince her to return to the light side. This would allow Kenobi to find the catharsis that he had been searching for so long as he could succeed in pulling someone over from the dark side, which was something he couldn’t do for Anakin ten years ago. And for Reva, this could serve as a chance for her to redeem herself and find a way to honor the memory of her fallen friends in a manner that would make them happy.

That is where she might find a use for her skills by helping the Path in their efforts to keep the Force-sensitive people away from the Empire. And this would be the best way for her to redeem herself for the things she did throughout her life.

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