Is Sebastian a Blood Witch in Fate: The Winx Saga


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The ending of season 1 of Fate: The Winx Saga allowed us to wonder what was next in store for the Winx girls, considering that there are still a lot of different questions left unanswered about Bloom’s past and what will happen to her and her friends in the future. In season 2, we were able to meet a few new characters that contributed to the development of the story, and one of them was Sebastian, who seemed like an unassuming and harmless person. But, of course, there was something deeper about Sebastian and his ulterior motives. So, is Sebastian a blood witch?

It was revealed that Sebastian was indeed a blood witch. He was also the one responsible for releasing the scrapers, which are creatures that suck the magic out of fairies. And the reason why he wanted to suck the magic out of fairies was to use it to resurrect the blood witches killed in a genocide years ago.

The biggest twist of season 2 did indeed come in the form of Sebastian’s big surprise as a blood witch as he intended to undo the wrongs that were committed against his people many years ago. While he isn’t exactly evil in the strict sense of the word, he still needs to be stopped because this blood witch was too dangerous to be left alone. So, in that regard, let’s get to know more about Sebastian in Fate: The Winx Saga.

Who Is Sebastian In Fate: The Winx Saga?

Fate: The Winx Saga continues to surprise different people with the way it has brought to life a classic animated series that targeted younger audiences. Of course, this series takes on a darker approach in its storyline, as that was quite obvious in season 1. Meanwhile, in season 2, the series continues to bring darker and grittier twists to the storyline.

We saw at the end of the first season that Bloom released Rosalind from her prison so that she could learn more about who she is and why she has powers. That was when she learned that, as a baby, she was found in Aster Dell, which is a settlement for blood witches. We also learned that she was eventually placed in the first world, which we all know is the realm of humans. And it was Rosalind, who became the new headmistress of Alfea, who was responsible for the genocide in Aster Dell many years ago.


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But the professors of Alfea were also involved in the destruction of Aster Dell because they thought that the different inhabitants of the settlement had already fled and that only the Burned One remained there. But the problem was that they were responsible for the deaths of many different blood witches in Aster Dell.

Saul Silva, who played a huge role in season 1, was arrested at the end of the first season but was eventually freed by the Winx Suite girls, who placed him under the care of Sebastian, who seemed to be an unassuming character that was just helping out an old friend.

sebastian 2

But the thing is that, while Sebastian does seem like a harmless person that is just there as a background character, he is anything but that. That’s because Sebastian is actually the one scheming behind the scenes as the main antagonist of season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga. And when the Winx girls learned about what he was doing, there were already a lot of things that happened, as Sebastian nearly put all of the different pieces together for his plan to succeed.

Is Sebastian A Blood Witch?

As mentioned, in season 1, it was revealed that Bloom was found in Aster Dell, which is a blood witch settlement. But this very same settlement was razed by Rosalind and some of the other professors of Alfea, as all of the blood witches were killed. But there was a survivor in the form of Sebastian, who revealed himself to be a blood witch.


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When Sebastian revealed himself as a blood witch, his plans were also revealed. It was shown that he was responsible for releasing the scrapers, which are monsters that attach themselves to fairies so that they could steal their magic. While the initial thought was that the scrapers were merely there to scare the students of Alfea, the real reason why Sebastian unleashed them was to steal the powers of the fairies so that he could transfer them to himself.

And the reason why he wanted the powers of the fairies of Alfea was in relation to his grander scheme, which had something to do with the fact that his people were once killed by Rosalind and the professors of Alfea.

What Happened To Sebastian In Fate: The Winx Saga?

It turned out that Bloom possessed something called the Dragon Flame, which was the reason why she was so powerful, as this magic is so strong that it could instantly turn the tide of battle when used properly. And it was the Dragon Flame that Sebastian initially wanted from Bloom because it was powerful enough that he didn’t even need to steal magic from other fairies.

dragon flame.jpg

Of course, the reason why Sebastian wanted the Dragon Flame was so he could open the portal to the Realm of Darkness and use it to revive the people that were killed in the Aster Dell massacre many years ago. Of course, Sebastian is a blood witch that lost all of his family and friends in that massacre. He simply wanted to use the power of the Shadow Lord in the Realm of Darkness to undo the wrongs that were done to his people in that genocide.

Sebastian’s father was the very same person that brought her to Aster Dell many years ago, as they believed that she could be powerful enough to turn the tide of war in their battles against Rosalind and the different people who were out to kill them. And it was that very reason why Rosalind killed all of the blood witches, as she was afraid of what the Dragon Flame could do once the blood witches were able to harness its powers.

Nevertheless, Sebastian no longer needed the Dragon Flame to fulfill his plans because he was still able to open the Realm of Darkness through the magic that he stole from the other fairies by using the scrapers. But the good news was that the Winx Suite girls and Beatrix were able to stop Sebastian from fulfilling his plans.

Sebastian was killed in the fight against the girls, as this allowed the magic of the fairies to return to them upon the blood witch’s death. But Beatrix died in the fight, as the portal Realm of Darkness was still open. And that was when Bloom decided that she was probably the only one capable of closing it from the inside. 

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