Is Someone Attacking Celebs in New York? Steve Buscemi Latest Victim, Publicist Confirms He is OK

Is Someone Attacking Celebs in New York? Steve Buscemi Latest Victim, Publicist Confirms He is OK

Is there a serial attacker on celebrities roaming in New York? Based on some recent reports, some theories suggest that it might be the case! Namely, in March, actor Michael Stuhlbarg was assaulted in New York, and while the NYPD did arrest a vagrant, Xavier Israel, there was no media follow-up of the story. Actor Rick Moranis and reality star Bethenny Frankel have also been victims in recent years, and we now have another celeb whose name can be added to this horrible list – legendary actor Steve Buscemi. The incident happened last week and NYPD has been informed, but no advances in the case have been made.

Luckily, Buscemi is fine and is recovering well, so – luckily – the incident wasn’t as grave. His publicist revealed the following: “Steve Buscemi was assaulted in Midtown Manhattan, another victim of a random act of violence in the city. He is OK and appreciates everyone’s well wishes, though incredibly sad for everyone that this has happened to while also walking the streets of N.Y.”

The incident took place in the Kips Bay neighborhood on Manhattan’s East side and it seems that Buscemi wasn’t injured gravely, which is definitely good news. The attack has been described as being random, and based on the known facts, it truly was a random attack, so the theory that someone is attacking celebrities at random doesn’t make much sense.

New York City is a big town, and the total violent crime rate for the city was 744.2 (per 100,000 people, and there are roughly 20 million people in the NYC metro area) in 2022. Sure, this is very low when compared to some other American cities, and New York is definitely one of the safer places in the States, but the number indicates that such incidents can happen and that they most often happen at random.

So no, there is – most likely – no pattern here, neither a temporal nor a spatial one. Such incidents happen, and it is quite possible that the attackers, especially if they are vagrants like in Stuhlbarg’s case, didn’t even know whom they were attacking. To them, these celebs were just random victims and nothing else.

We just hope that these incidents don’t become frequent. It is great that none of the attacked celebs suffered any injuries or grave consequences, but being assaulted on the street is never pleasant, whether you’re famous or not. In light of the most recent case, we wish Buscemi the quickest recovery possible, and we look forward to seeing him in his upcoming projects, including the second season of Wednesday and the upcoming Transformers One animated movie, in which he will lend his voice.

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