Is Star Wars Clone Wars Canon?

Is Star Wars Clone Wars Canon?

Star Wars the Clone Wars TV series is one of the most entertaining pieces of the Star Wars media. It further explores the events of the movie which shares the name as well as what happens between it and the following movie. Although the plot seems to blend in seamlessly into the movies and the rest of the Star Wars franchise, fans will know better than to assume. So, the omnipresent question regarding pieces of the Star Wars media, is Star Wars The Clone Wars canon?

Although the question confused the fans since the show’s release, it is actually a part of the official canon. Alongside the series, canon also includes additional material made up from unfinished episodes and unreleased content from the series.

If you want to know more about how the whole canon thing works when it comes to this particular series make sure to finish reading this article. This is an extremely interesting part of the Star Wars universe and it ties into the movie cannon nicely and if you want to know how this is the right article for you.

Is Star Wars Clone Wars canon?

Is Star Wars Clone Wars Canon?

This seems like a simple question to answer. The storyline is the same as the movies, the only difference is that the show further explores the events from the movies.

The story follows the fall of the Republic and the transition into the Galactic Empire. This drastic change is also reflected in the main characters in the series. 

We see Anakin question the Jedi and his devotion to them. The questioning eventually leads him to turn to the dark side and completely abandon the Jedi ways. 

The same happens with Ahsoka who also questions how much good the Jedi are actually doing in the war and ultimately reaches the conclusion that the Jedi cause as much damage to the Republic as the people they are fighting which is why she leaves the order behind (at least for now).

Yoda and Obi-Wan were confronted with the dark side and the corruption they were surrounded with but unaware of start questioning themselves and the actions they took.

This means that story-wise there are no contradictions to the original source material. Additionally, the show was originally worked on by George Lucas who wanted to incorporate it in the main canon.

The fact that before LucasFilm was bought by Disney the show didn’t reference the movies or make any efforts to connect with the rest of the canon should make the series fit in with the rest of the material much smoother.

Another thing that works in favor of the Clone Wars series is the fact that a part of the series was released after Disney acquired the rights for the series, which led the part of the series after that to be created specifically to fit with the existing universe and the upcoming sequel trilogy movies.

Taking all of this into consideration with the addition of the official statement from Disney we come to the conclusion that The Clone Wars series is officially a part of the main canon in the Star Wars Franchise.

Are the unfinished Clone Wars episodes canon?

Is Star Wars Clone Wars Canon?

This is where the question of belonging to the official question gets a bit more complicated. Although the series was declared official canon, there was a part of it that confused fans a bit.

The series features seven seasons, which are a part of the official canon, but aside from that it also includes two arcs related to the series which were released as separated story reals.

It was unclear for a bit but then the unfinished episodes got declared as canon and one of the arcs was later in production made into what is today season seven of the series.

Is Star Wars the Clone Wars connected to the movies?

Since Star Wars The Clone Wars is pretty much in the center of the action and serves as a direct continuation of the second movie from the prequel trilogy, there are a plethora of connections with the movie franchise.

These connections range from certain characters that later show up in the movies, certain plot elements all the way to some additional information on things that get mentioned in the movie franchise but are not further explained in the movies.  

One of the most important connections is the time connection. The Clone Wars series serves as a direct sequel for the movie it shares the name with and leads directly into the third movie and the original trilogy.

Ahsoka Tano is one of the most beloved characters that came out of the series. This warranted her various appearances in other Star Wars media, however, she still didn’t make her live-action appearance.

Despite not actually seeing her in the movies, we do hear her in the latest addition to the franchise. While Rey is preparing to take on Darth Sidious in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, she hears voices of previous Jedi and one of those voices belongs to Ahsoka.

Another iconic character that makes an appearance in the series is Captain Rex. He is one of the characters from the original trilogy who can be seen during the Battle of Endor.

Originally he was a part of the clone army, however, he did not kill a single Jedi after the troopers were ordered to carry out order 66. After switching sides he joined the Rebel Alliance and fought on the side of resistance.

Darth Maul is one of the characters from the prequels which most people wanted to see more of and the series delivers on this demand precisely.

We see him after being killed during his Battle with Obi-Wan. The series revives him, gives him robotic limbs to replace the ones he lost, and sets him on a journey that carries over into Star Wars: Rebels.

Is Star Wars Clone Wars Canon?

Since the series deals with the events of the clone wars it is only natural that Order 66 is a part of it. In the movies, we see it being executed on the order of Emperor Palpatine, however, the series shows us that it was a crucial part of the clone training and even delves into the clones’ opinion on the order and their reasonings for the opinions they hold.

Another thing that we briefly see in the movies and that gets further explained in the series is what happened to Obi-Wan. We find out how he became Ben Kenobi and what exactly he did while he was hiding from the Empire.

Some things which were mentioned in the movie series but get further explained in the Clone Wars series are some of the most interesting parts of the series.

We first get introduced to the Force bond which is extremely important in the sequel trilogy since it establishes the relationship between Rea and Ben. While Yoda suffers from his immense knowledge of the dark side, he suggests that the thoughts and the mental burden were caused by the Force bond with Count Dooku who is feeding him these thoughts. 

The exploration of interesting elements from the movie franchise is one episode dedicated to explaining the mechanics of the Kyber crystals. The episode explains in great detail how and what are they used, which fills in nicely with the already provided information which suggests they were used to create lightsabers and the Death Star. 

Since the movies feature a proportionally bigger number of Jedi we don’t get a lot of information regarding the Sith order and their origins. The show was a great way to explore this topic a bit more. 

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