Is Strange World Actually Kid-Friendly? Parents Guide

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Disney has always been known for producing movies and shows that are friendly to children, especially because the entire company basically began with cartoons that were meant for kids. Of course, a new Disney movie is on its way in the form of Strange World, which is the latest animated film in the company’s busy release schedule. So, with that said, is Strange World friendly for children?

Strange World is friendly for kids because this movie has a rating of PG. The PG rating indicates that parental guidance is advised but not recommended. As such, most children would be able to enjoy this movie. Still, very young kids should be accompanied by their parents if they want to watch this film.

The thing about Disney is that, while it may have a lot of animated movies, they aren’t always known for being the friendliest for children, especially if they contain scenes and themes that may not be generally acceptable. While Strange World may be an animated movie, the PG rating means that some parents should still accompany their kids when watching it. So, that said, let’s talk more about the age rating of Strange World.

What Is Strange World About?

We know for a fact that Disney has been quite busy with its movie releases, especially because how the company has dominated the box office for years already. Of course, we also know that Disney is known for movies that are family-oriented and friendly to children. And that seems to be the case for Strange World.

Strange World is the newest Disney movie that will be released soon, as this animated film is one of the many movies that the company has on its very busy schedule of movie releases. We know that most animated movies of Disney are friendly to children because of the family-oriented themes that usually come with them. So, with that in mind, what is Strange World about?

This upcoming Disney animated movie tells the story of a family called the Clades, who are legendary in the field of exploration. Of course, we aren’t only talking about simple sea exploration here because the Clades are actually known for exploring all sorts of lands, including worlds that are alien to us.

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However, the thing is that Searcher Clade has never been the bravest person in his legendary family. He may come from a family of explorers, but he doesn’t have the same kind of bravery and thirst for adventure as the rest of the Clades. As such, he spent most of his life as a farmer instead of an explorer.

But the family is forced to tackle its most crucial mission yet as they end up in a dangerous and strange land called Avalonia. As such, the entire family must rely on one another while putting their differences aside in order to work together as an effective unit. And Searcher will have to be at his bravest in the most crucial moments during his family’s mission.

What Is The Age-Rating Of Strange World?

As mentioned, Disney has always been known for producing films that are friendly to the entire family. Nevertheless, while Disney films are generally family-oriented, they may differ in terms of their age rating. So, what is Disney’s Strange World’s rating?


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Strange World is rated PG, which means that there are some materials and themes that may require parental guidance. Basically, parents are only urged to guide their children when watching movies with a PG rating but are not required to do so. And this can be somewhat subjective because there may be parents that have conservative values that don’t exactly align with what the movie has in store for children.

Is Strange World Friendly For Kids?

From what we can tell about the synopsis and plot of Strange World, it is indeed family-oriented because of how it focuses on an entire family and the differences between the members of this family of explorers. Strange World comes from the creators of Encanto, as it is clear that they have similarities with one another.

Like Encanto, Strange World focuses on the black sheep of the family because they aren’t really exactly similar to the rest of the bunch. But the thing is that certain events are forced to make them understand their own strengths and weaknesses and accept one another for who they really are.

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So, generally speaking, Strange World should be friendly for children because it has themes and scenes that are meant to teach family values to kids. But the fact that Strange World is rated PG means that it may not be generally acceptable for parents of the children watching the film.

As mentioned, movies with a PG rating only urge the parents of the children watching the films to guide their kids while watching because of the fact that there may be some themes that the parents wouldn’t want their kids to see. So, that means that movies that are rated PG are actually friendly for children but not to the point where all of the scenes and themes are generally acceptable.

In Strange World’s case, some themes that conservative parents probably wouldn’t want their children to see are present in the film. As reported a few months ago, the movie has hints of teenage gay romance. 

While homosexual romance is generally accepted among teens and adults in today’s society, some parents may not want their children to get exposed to it at a very early age. As such, this probably explains why Strange World is rated PG instead of G.


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Still, the fact is that the movie is a family-oriented film that parents are urged to watch with their children. So, while some kids may be able to watch the film without having adults around to guide them, it is still recommended that parents should watch Strange World with their kids. And this could be a good bonding moment for a lot of families out there, as Strange World has always been a family-oriented movie.

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