Is The Batman On HBO Max Or Netflix? (& When Will It Come Online)

Is The Batman On HBO Max Or Netflix? (& When Will It Come Online)

With The Batman premiering on March 4, 2022, people got excited to see the new version of the dark knight. However, even though we do know that The Batman is going to be premiering on the big screen in theaters, there are those who are still hesitant to go to the cinema to watch this movie, especially when streaming became more accessible during the pandemic. So, is The Batman on HBO Max or Netflix?

The Batman is neither on HBO Max nor Netflix because it will only be available exclusively in cinemas. However, because The Batman is a Warner Bros. movie, it will be available on HBO Max sometime in the future. It is expected that it will be available for streaming at least 45 days since its cinema release.

Unlike in 2021, when he saw different Warner Bros. getting released on streaming websites simultaneously with their cinema release, The Batman is exclusively a cinema release as we are now slowly getting back to normal. That said, you don’t have to worry about waiting too long to stream it because The Batman will soon come to HBO Max. And that’s something we are going to talk about in this article.

Is The Batman On Netflix?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began and when different cinemas around the world closed down, streaming websites became the saving graces for those who love to watch movies and shows. As such, the streaming giant Netflix became even more popular as more and more subscribers started watching different Netflix films.

The fact that there were different movies from different companies making their way to Netflix made people think that just about any kind of movie will eventually be in the streaming giant’s library. So, in that case, does the same situation hold true for The Batman? Is The Batman going to be on Netflix?

Unfortunately, The Batman will not be on Netflix. The sole reason why The Batman won’t be in the streaming giant’s library is the fact that this is a Warner Bros. movie. Considering that Warner Bros. has its own streaming service, it would be silly to think that they would allow Netflix to hold the rights to The Batman, which is a property of Warner Bros.

Of course, we are not dismissing the possibility of The Batman making its way to Netflix because there have been Warner Bros. movies that have appeared on the streaming service. However, it might take a while before The Batman makes its way to Netflix, as Birds of Prey, which is also a Warner Bros. movie, only made its way to Netflix in 2022 after its 2020 release.

Is The Batman On HBO Max Or Netflix? (& When Will It Come Online)

Is The Batman On HBO Max?

As mentioned, Warner Bros. has its own streaming service in the form of HBO Max. So, given the fact that Warner Bros. already has a streaming service that it can use for its movies, does that mean that The Batman will be on HBO Max?

Unfortunately, not even HBO Max subscribers would be able to watch this movie on this streaming platform. That’s because The Batman is exclusively a theater release and will not simultaneously stream on HBO Max.

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This is a huge difference from 2021, as we were able to see different movies such as Dune, The Matrix Resurrections, and The Suicide Squad appearing on HBO Max simultaneously with their theater releases.

While the COVID-19 pandemic was still present in 2021, vaccines were already rolling out, and that allowed people to watch movies in theaters again after a long break away from the cinemas. However, considering that there were still a lot of people who were hesitant to watch movies in theaters, Warner Bros. made sure to make their movies available on HBO Max even though they were still showing in cinemas.

But that is no longer the case now because even the movie industry is steadily getting back to the normal state prior to the pandemic. As such, to make sure that the industry recovers from the effects of the pandemic, moviemakers and film distributors focus more on theater releases than on making their movies available on streaming services, which don’t offer the same profit margin that theaters tend to have.

Going back to our point, even though Warner Bros. movies were made available simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max a year ago, it’s now 2022. That means that the only way for you to catch The Batman is to go to the nearest theater.

When Will The Batman Come On Streaming Platforms?

Is The Batman On HBO Max Or Netflix? (& When Will It Come Online)

It might be true that The Batman is only available in cinemas. However, that doesn’t mean that it will never be available on streaming websites. The Batman will be available on online streaming platforms, particularly HBO Max. But when will that be happening?

For starters, Warner Bros. struck a deal with Cineworld for an exclusive 45-day theatrical release window for The Batman. That means that starting from its release date on March 4, 2022, The Batman will only be available to watch on the big screen and will not be available on streaming platforms.

However, anything can happen after that 45-day release window in the sense that Warner Bros. is now free to release the movie on its streaming service provider, which is HBO Max. That means that there is a good possibility that The Batman will be available on HBO Max as early as April 19.

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In fact, it has already been confirmed that April 19 will be the HBO Max release date of The Batman, and that means that fans only have to wait a month and a half until they are able to stream it. This is good news to those who want to re-watch the movie after seeing it on the big screen or to those who are still hesitant to watch movies in cinemas.

The fact that it already has a streaming release date is a surprise because the biggest blockbuster movies tend to stay as long as possible in theaters as long as they are continuing to make money. That’s why it might take about three months or 90 days for some movies to become available for streaming since their original release date. However, Warner Bros. might be playing it on the safe side by allowing The Batman to release on HBO Max quite early.

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