Is The Flash Movie Canceled? Can Ezra Miller Destroy The Flashpoint?

The Flash

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Warner Bros. has had it rough with the DCEU lately. After the entire Amber Heard and Johnny Depp mess that saw fans petitioning for her removal from Aquaman 2, Warner Bros. now has to deal with the mess surrounding Ezra Miler and the series of controversial things he has done recently. It isn’t a secret that Miller isn’t the most well-behaved person on the planet, and that brings us to his status with The Flash. So, is The Flash movie canceled?

The Flash Movie is not canceled because it has finished filming late in 2021 and is undergoing post-production process right now. It will be released in 2023, but after that, Ezra Miller is likely to see an exit from the DCEU and will no longer play the role of Barry Allen in future movies. 

It hasn’t been easy for Warner Bros. the past few years because of the fact that controversy seems to follow the actors and actresses that they hired to portray roles with the company. That’s why this situation with Ezra Miller isn’t entirely new to them. In that regard, let’s look at whether or not The Flash is still going to get released after the entire Ezra Miller problem.

Is The Flash Movie Cancelled?


The success of Aquaman and the Wonder Woman movies has gotten fans excited for what’s next in store in the DCEU, especially with the fact that this universe seems to be trending towards a bigger enemy in the form of Darkseid, who was seen during the Snyder Cut. As such, one of the standalone films that Warner Bros. invested a lot of money in is The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller as The Flash.

But while Miller has done considerably well as Barry Allen in all of his appearances, he hasn’t been on the right side of the news. That’s because he has been a very controversial person over the past year, given the fact that he has done his fair share of questionable actions. And this comes off the heels of the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp controversy that has affected not only the DCEU but also the Potterverse. 

In that regard, Ezra Miller has seen his fair share of controversy. He has been arrested twice in the past few months and has been alleged of grooming and kidnapping. These are serious allegations against him, as Warner Bros. knows that they have a serious Ezra Miller problem on their hands. And this isn’t something that’s easy to swallow because the Flash and all of the other superheroes are supposed to be role models.


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So, if the actor of the character isn’t even behaving well outside of their role, it would be extremely difficult for the company to associate itself with that kind of person. This is why Warner Bros. was quick to drop Johnny Depp when the allegations of abuse came to light and why Amber Heard’s job is in jeopardy right now. So, is The Flash movie canceled?

It is worth mentioning that The Flash wrapped up filming in October 2021, and that means that the film is currently undergoing post-production. Too much has already been invested in this film, and that means that they are only going to flush $200 million down the drain if they were to cancel this movie. That is why The Flash movie is still going to release in 2023, despite all of the different controversies Ezra Miller has been involved in over the past year.

Of course, it is also important to note that The Flash is an important part of the DCEU timeline because this is where Michael Keaton will be re-introduced as the older version of Batman, who will be appearing in Batgirl and quite possibly Aquaman 2. That means that there are a lot of things at stake here when it comes to the overall importance of The Flash in the continuity.

In that regard, there is no questioning the fact that The Flash will still push through with its release, as it is slated to see a release in the middle of 2023. The reason for such a late release is due to the fact that Warner Bros. hopes that the issues with Ezra Miller will die a natural death and will eventually tone down enough to the point that there won’t be any marketing problems with the movie.

Then again, there are some rumors that point to the possibility that the series might go straight to HBO Max instead of seeing a theatrical release, which would be more expensive on the part of Warner Bros. It is possible that they would be able to mitigate the losses of the movie with a direct-to-streaming release, and that means that The Flash might go straight to HBO Max if Warner Bros. fails to see any positive development regarding how the people see Ezra Miller and his Barry Allen portrayal.

Did Warner Bros. Fire Ezra Miller?

Ezra miller

As mentioned, the filming of The Flash has already wrapped up late in 2021, and that means that it is too late in the day to fire Ezra Miller and replace him with a new actor. He has shot too many scenes already, and that means that it would be too expensive to re-do all of the scenes over again after firing him and introducing a new actor. That’s why Warner Bros. is willing to go all-in on him in the upcoming The Flash movie.

Then again, while Ezra Miller will still be Barry Allen in his standalone Flash movie, that doesn’t mean that he will hold on to that role. There are reports that suggest that Warner Bros. will no longer hire Miller for any future roles as Barry Allen in the future, and that means that The Flash will be his final portrayal as the titular character. He will no longer be part of the DCEU in the future after The Flash.


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That means that there will be a huge hole left in the DCEU after Warner Bros. has decided to no longer work with Ezra Miller in any future DCEU movies. We don’t know what will happen to Barry Allen and how the movie will affect the character’s future but what we do know is that he will no longer be playing the role of the iconic DC speedster.

Who Will Replace Ezra Miller?

At this point, it is probably too early in the day for Warner Bros. to look for an Ezra Miller replacement, especially considering that The Flash is yet to be released. However, arguably the best contender for that role is Grant Gustin, who has been Barry Allen since 2014, when CW’s The Flash was released.

Even before the release of the Justice League movies, fans already wanted Gustin to reprise his role as Barry Allen because he has become synonymous with that role, especially with how well he portrayed the character in the television series. 

Nevertheless, as lazy of a casting as it might be to simply recycle him and give him the DCEU role, it still is possible for Gustin to see himself wearing the red spandex for Warner Bros. in the future. But, as of this moment, we just have to wait for what’s in store for Ezra Miller and the Barry Allen character.

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