Is the Narrator the Same Voice Actor as the Dog Bond in Spy X Family?

Narrator and Bond Voice Actor

Bond is the newest character in the popular series Spy x Family, he has the ability to see into the future and change it by taking a different course of action, he gained this ability due to the highly confidential military experiments conducted on him by the former Ostania regime. With every new character introduction, fans have a lot of questions and we’re here to answer them. Regarding Bond, fans are curious to know if the narrator and Bond have the same voice actors.

Kenichirou Matsuda is the narrator of the series and the voice actor of Bond Forger, he’s known for voicing another dog from the series Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World.

The rest of the article will cover further details about Bond Forger and his precognition ability, the voice actor Kenichirou Matsuda and all his other roles. If you’re interested in the details, stay with us and keep reading!

Who is the dog in Spy x Family?

Spy x Family 13 Large 29

Bond is the family dog of the made-up Forger family, he was first introduced as a bomb dog for the terrorist group controlled by Keith Kepler, they were planning to murder the foreign minister by using dogs strapped with bombs.

Bond was initially a part of a confidential military experiment known as “Project Apple” which was designed to create super-intelligent animals to aid in war; however, the experiment has deemed a failure and most of the animals were sold on the black market.

During his time at the facility, Bond was treated with cruelty, he has deemed a failure and was treated as a guinea pig for their highly dangerous experiments.

The memories of his time at the facility still haunt him, he is not a meek dog but he doesn’t disobey orders because he doesn’t want to suffer the things he did at the facility.

Bond is a kind and gentle dog, he cares about kids and goes out of his way to save anyone he can, after rescuing Anya from Keith’s men, he also helped her save Loid’s life from the hidden bomb.

Bond is trained to be a perfect house pet, he’s a fluffy boy who enjoys playing with Anya, he also keeps an eye on her so she doesn’t get in trouble. He often gets jealous when Anya plays with her stuffed toys, he doesn’t want to share Anya’s affection.

Who is the narrator in Spy x Family?

Kenichirou Matsuda is the voice of the narrator in the Spy x Family series, who is also the voice of Bond Forger. Kenichirou is a well-known voice actor with some prominent roles in the most popular anime series, such as Thors from Vinland Saga, Liebe from Black Clover, and Batou from ghost in the shell series.

Surprisingly enough, he was also the voice actor for Shizu’s dog Riku in Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World, so this is not Kenichirou’s first time voicing a dog.

He also voiced Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and characters from popular video games such as Final Fantasy XIV, Monster Hunter Rise, and Pokemon Masters.

Who is Bond Forger’s voice actor?

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The voice actor of Bond Forger is Kenichirou Matsuda, who is also the narrator for the series. I often find it amusing to know that dogs in anime show also get voice actors, and Bond definitely deserves to have a voice actor seeing as though he is the Great Pyrenees which oddly looks like a butler.

Bond is a well-mannered dog who greatly cares for his Family and will do anything to protect them from harm, he never hesitates to rush in when it comes to saving Anya from any potential threat. He is fierce enough to scare anyone away and gentle enough so that Anya feels safe around him, he is a caring dog.

His voice actor is known for voicing calm and deep-voiced characters such as Agrippa Gordon from Black Clover, and thors from Vinland Saga which perfectly fits the voice of Bond.

Why do anime use narrators?

It’s not uncommon for anime shows to use narrators to further explain the plot of an episode in detail or for comedic purposes, add their own comments. You can see the most efficient use of the narrator in the loveable award-winning series Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, the narrator not only explains the plot of an episode but makes comedic remarks to make the audience laugh.

Having a narrator in any show undoubtedly helps the audience not lose focus on the story; consistently recapping the plot of the arc to keep the audience from forgetting about what happens in the earlier episodes is something more anime should focus on.

In Spy x Family, the narrator explains the events of the situation to the audience, also recapping the previous episode and if there was anything important that people should know about. The narrator is Spy x Family and doesn’t put witty remarks regarding the events of the episode but maybe the dub narrator will play to the audience; we’ve seen that happen in Kaguya Sama.

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