Is The Pale Blue Eye a True Story?

One of the movies that people are excited about is The Pale Blue Eye, which will feature the talent of Christian Bale, who has always been one of the most talented actors in our generation. Of course, one of the things that people have noticed is the fact that this movie features a character that all of us are probably familiar with, and that person is the real-life historical writer and poet named Edgar Allan Poe. So, does that mean that The Pale Blue Eye is based on a true story?

The Pale Blue Eye is not based on a true story, even though it involves a historical character. Instead, the movie is based on a fictional book that uses real-life themes. In that regard, it is still a work of fiction despite the fact that there are some themes that seem to be true to life.

While it might not be based on a true story, The Pale Blue Eye is still a movie that is said to be relatable to anyone in the world and to those who are familiar with Edgar Allan Poe’s works. That’s because it was inspired by the works of Poe himself. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about The Pale Blue Eye and whether or not it is based on a true story.

What Is The Pale Blue Eye About?

In an era where we often find comfort in watching movies that are based on fantasy or superheroes, there are plenty of different movies that are still criminally underrated because they aren’t as loud or as colorful as some of the more popular movies we have today. One such movie that there are a lot of people looking forward to in the theaters and on Netflix is The Pale Blue Eye.

Unlike some of the movies that we have today, The Pale Blue Eye is actually quite grounded in the sense that it doesn’t have the elements of fantasy that are quite often seen in many of the different movies that are quite popular. Instead, it is actually close to real life than most of the other movies that we have. But what is The Pale Blue Eye about?

Categorized as a gothic horror mystery movie, The Pale Blue Eye follows the story of a veteran detective named Augustus Landor during the 1830s. He is looking to investigate a series of different murders that are happening in the United States Military Academy. And he enlists the help of a sharp-minded and young Edgar Allen Poe so that he can solve the mysteries surrounding these murders.

Played by Christian Bale, Landor used to be the best detective because he used what was considered modern forensics at that time. However, he decided to retire from his job until he realized that there were gruesome murders happening at the nearby Military Academy. And the nature of these murders sparked his interest, as he was recruited to try to solve the case.

“He’s someone who is obviously accustomed to observing other people rather than being observed, due to the nature of his profession,” Bale said about his character in an interview with Vanity Fair. “He’s successful at what he’s done but has now completed that chapter of his life. He certainly has adopted a certain way of living, which isn’t really working for him anymore.”

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Poe, who was also a cadet at the academy, became one of the more amusing characters that Landor met while working on the case. Of course, we all know Edgar Allan Poe as one of the greatest horror and mystery writers and poets of all time. But in the events of The Pale Blue Eye, he was just a cadet in the academy and was yet to establish himself as the legend of the macabre that he is today. And with both of them working on the case, the man of science that Landor maybe is beginning to see things from the eyes of Poe, who was interested in superstitious beliefs that were given the same weight as scientific truths during the early 1800s.

Is The Pale Blue Eye A True Story?

As you may have noticed, The Pale Blue Eye also focuses a lot on a young Edgar Allan Poe, who is one of the main characters of the movie. This may make you wonder if the movie is actually based on a true story, as we all know that Poe is a historical figure that has contributed to the growth of the horror genre in literature.

But the thing that you need to know is that The Pale Blue Eye is not based on a true story but is actually a work of fiction. There is nothing historically accurate about this movie’s plot. And the only thing that is true to life in this movie is Edgar Allan Poe’s time with the US Military Academy.

But everything about the movie is fictional, including the Landor character and the things that Poe went through at this stage in his life. Still, the thing that makes this movie so intriguing is the fact it actually uses real-life themes that may be close to home for those who’ve read Poe’s works of literature. And that’s because the movie was inspired by the same themes that made Poe such a fantastic genius in the world of horror and mystery literature.

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So, while the movie might be a work of fiction, the themes used in the film can be true to life in the sense that they may be close to the heart of a lot of different people out there, especially those who have always been interested in the macabre and in anything that’s related to horror and mystery. 

Of course, it is also unlikely that there is something supernatural in this movie, as it follows similar themes that Poe used in his works. In a sense, The Pale Blue Eye seeks to make the plot similar to Poe’s works, which were grounded in realism despite the fact that he was well-known for his horror and mystery stories and poems.

What Is The Pale Blue Eye Based On?

While The Pale Blue Eye may not be based on real-life stories and true-to-life events, the movie is actually adapted from a book of the same title. The book was written by Louis Bayard and was published in 2006.

The events of the movie are based on the events that were outlined in Bayard’s novel. And that means that there is a clear source material for the movie, although we aren’t sure whether or not The Pale Blue Eye film will be a 1:1 adaptation of the novel. Nevertheless, like the book, the movie is completely a work of fiction and is not based on true stories, even though it includes a historical character in its storyline.

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