Is There a Young Nick Fury in Secret Invasion?

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We all know that Nick Fury isn’t the youngest MCU character out there, especially considering that Samuel L. Jackson isn’t getting any younger (although he looks great for a man in his 70s). That means that it does seem odd for him to appear in an action-thriller type of series such as Secret Invasion, considering the actor’s and the character’s advanced age. So, is there a young Nick Fury in Secret Invasion?

There won’t be a young Nick Fury in Secret Invasion. In fact, the series revolves around the current version of the character, as he does seem like he is no longer young and fit enough to handle the task ahead of him in the series. Secret Invasion may also allow us to see what happened to Fury before Secret Invasion. 

We have seen a lot of different movies exploring aging action stars that are already past their prime. It does seem like Secret Invasion is going to follow the same format, as Fury looks older than he ever did in any of the previous MCU projects he has been in. So, with that said, let’s look at the chances of a young Nick Fury appearing in Secret Invasion.

What Happened To Nick Fury Before Secret Invasion?

Ever since the end of Avengers: Endgame, Nick Fury became an afterthought in the MCU as he hardly ever appeared in any of the different events regarding the planet, even though he was one of the most important figures that helped in putting together the Avengers. Of course, while we thought that we saw him in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Nick Fury was actually off-world and was merely substituted by the Skrull named Talos, all while the former director of SHIELD was taking an intergalactic vacation.

It was clear, however, that there was something going on with Nick Fury. In the Secret Invasion trailer, he looked like an old man that has been through a lot in life because he didn’t seem too happy with what was going on in his life. On top of that, the years looked like they had finally caught up with him, even though he was just on an intergalactic vacation.

Maria Hill, in the trailer, was wondering why Fury didn’t return to Earth or wasn’t even there to answer their calls whenever they tried to reach out to him. The only thing that Nick Fury could say was that things were different this time. So, what happened to Nick Fury before the events of the Secret Invasion?

When we last saw the real version of Nick Fury in the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, he looked like he was having the time of his life because it did appear that he loved his intergalactic vacation. Of course, that was the last time we saw him, as a lot of things have happened in the MCU ever since that time. Yet, for some reason, he never bothered to return to Earth, no matter how big the events were.


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At this point, we don’t know what happened to Nick Fury before the events of the Secret Invasion and after that vacation scene in Far From Home. The only thing we are sure of is that he wasn’t exactly himself because he didn’t even try to hide his prosthetic eye in the trailer. On top of that, he looked like a shell of his former self because he grew a longer beard that had white hairs all over it. It is clear that something happened to him during his vacation or that his past failures and mistakes had taken their toll on him while he was away from Earth.

Is There A Young Nick Fury In Secret Invasion?

Considering that we did see Nick Fury as an older version of the character that we have been following since the very first MCU movie (Iron Man 2008), it is interesting to note that it doesn’t seem like he is up to the task of handling something big that’s coming his way in the events of Secret Invasion. As one of the characters in the trailer even said, he was in no shape to handle what was in front of them.

In that sense, the trailer might be implying that Nick Fury is already too old to do his job or that he is no longer mentally and emotionally fit to be in the frontlines of what was about to happen during the events of the Secret Invasion. This makes us wonder if there is a younger version of Nick Fury that will be appearing in the series.

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We didn’t see a younger version of the character in the trailer. On top of that, there hasn’t been any update regarding whether or not there will be a younger Nick Fury in Secret Invasion. The only thing we know is that Nick Fury himself will be front and center in the events of this series, as it is clear that Samuel L. Jackson, in his 70s, is going to be at the frontlines of an action series. 


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The last time we saw Nick Fury in actual action was during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Of course, Captain Marvel doesn’t count because that was a younger version of the character. And this makes things interesting because both Nick Fury and Samuel L. Jackson are already quite old.

So, with that, it is intriguing to see why Nick Fury, who was already seemingly ready to hang his boots up or, at the very least, take on a more active role as a commander rather than a fighter, is ready to return to active duty on the frontlines. We know that he has a long history with the Skrulls, and that could be the reason why he is the one on the frontlines instead of his agents, as he might have skills and insider information that only he has. And it’s going to be extremely fun to see how an older Nick Fury will perform against the Skrulls in this upcoming limited series.

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