Is Thor Gay & Bisexual in Thor: Love and Thunder? Some Fans Do Think So

Is Thor Gay & Bisexual in Thor: Love and Thunder? Some Fans Do Think So

The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder came out to give Marvel fans a quick sneak preview into what the movie will be all about. Of course, there were some funny scenes in the movie, and that included Thor giving Star-Lord an awkward gaze while the latter was monologuing. This made fans believe that Thor could be gay or, at the very least, bisexual. So, is Thor really gay or bisexual in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Other than that look he had on Star-Lord, there are no indications that would suggest that Thor is gay. Although Asgardians probably don’t follow the usual gender norms of human culture, there hasn’t been any other piece of evidence that would point out that Thor could be gay or bisexual.

We do know that Thor: Love and Thunder is still directed by Taika Waititi, who added the silliness that made Thor: Ragnarok so funny. It could be possible that this scene with Thor and Star-Lord was just a gag added for fun, but it could also be possible that it somewhat indicated that Thor is not afraid of loving his fellow man as well. Nevertheless, let’s look at what we know about Thor’s sexuality.

Why Do Fans Think Thor Is “Gay As Hell” In Thor Love And Thunder?

The trailer for the newest Thor movie had just been released, and it has already gotten fans talking about the god of thunder’s newest adventure in Thor: Love and Thunder. This marks the first time in MCU history that a Marvel character has four solo movies tied to his name, as Thor is set to break boundaries.

When it comes to boundaries and what people saw in the trailer, there are people suggesting that Thor might be someone who is into men. This was hinted at when Peter Quill, AKA Star-Lord, was monologuing about “looking into the eyes of the people that you love” whenever you feel lost. At that moment, he was looking at the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, in comes Thor blocking Quill’s view and looking directly into the eyes of Star-Lord, who was confused about what was happening as he told the god of thunder, “not me.” And then Thor replied with “What? Just listening,” as he was feigning ignorance about looking into the eyes of the people that he loved.

Is Thor Gay & Bisexual in Thor: Love and Thunder? Some Fans Do Think So

This scene alone was enough for some fans to believe that Thor could be gay, as he was passionately looking into the eyes of Star-Lord in that scene while Peter Quill was in the middle of a monologue. And there were people who were quick to take their thoughts on Twitter to express their belief that Thor could, in fact, be gay.

Of course, there’s also the fact that it is suggested that Thor is in the middle of searching for what he really wanted in life during the vents of Love and Thunder, as he travels the universe while adventuring with the Guardians of the Galaxy to understand his true purpose in life. 

This could point to the possibility that he could’ve been gay all along and that soul searching is what fans believe will point to him realizing that he was actually gay the entire time. 

Is Thor Gay In Thor: Love And Thunder?

As mentioned, that scene involving Thor and Peter Quill had fans wondering about Thor’s sexuality and thinking that the god of thunder could actually be gay. So, is there really a good reason to believe that Thor is gay in Love and Thunder?

There is no exact reason to believe that Thor could be gay based on what the trailer shows. It could be possible that the trailer was simply adding that scene with Thor and Quill to bait fans into talking more about Thor’s sexuality because we all know that Disney loves the engagement that fans usually take part in whenever they’re talking about upcoming Marvel and other Disney movies and shows.

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Then there’s also the possibility that Taika Waititi simply added that scene to the movie for the heck of it because we all know that Waititi is known for the gags that have become the major selling points of Thor: Ragnarok. It might be possible that him looking into the eyes of Star-Lord could just be a scene that is there to make people laugh without offering any real proof that he could be gay.

Of course, there are other scenes that would suggest that Thor isn’t gay. Since his introduction in the first Thor movie, the god of thunder has never shown any sort of attraction to men but was visibly smitten by Jane Foster. In Thor: Ragnarok, he was also visibly heartbroken by the fact that he and Jane broke up. This suggests that he still has feelings for Jane Foster and that his sexuality trends towards the usual gender norms.

Is Thor Gay & Bisexual in Thor: Love and Thunder? Some Fans Do Think So

Even if he’s gay, the sudden reappearance of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster could make things more confusing for him because, after all, a good part of Thor: Love and Thunder could be dedicated to him searching for himself. Old feelings could resurface upon seeing Jane again for the first time in a very long while.

Is Thor Bisexual In Thor 4?

Another possibility is that Thor could be bisexual. Even if he’s not exactly gay, it could be possible that he might be sexually attracted to both men and women. So, is Thor actually bisexual instead of being gay?

The possibility of him being bisexual could be greater than the chances of him being gay. Asgardians probably don’t conform to the usual gender norms that humans follow, and that could mean that they are free to love whoever they want to. As such, it could be possible that bisexuality or even homosexuality is quite common among Asgardians, although that hasn’t been shown in any of the Thor movies.

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Thor: Love and Thunder’s newest trailer seems to indicate that Thor is somewhat of a free spirit. In one scene, he was shown kissing an unknown woman while he was adventuring throughout the galaxy. 

Is Thor Gay & Bisexual in Thor: Love and Thunder? Some Fans Do Think So

Meanwhile, in another scene, he was seen in the aforementioned funny moment involving Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy. All of those scenes seem to indicate that he is adventuring without any sort of constraints on what he can do and on who he can love.

Whatever Thor’s sexuality may be, that remains to be seen in the upcoming Love and Thunder movie. But it is quite possible that he could be bisexual or even gay, depending on how Waititi wrote the direction of the film and how the movie explains his sexuality (if ever it will indeed explore Thor’s sexuality).

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