Is Wednesday Addams Adopted or Is She a Real Part of the Family?

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The release of the Wednesday series on Netflix has renewed the interest of different fans in the Addams Family, which has always been one of the most popular fictional families of all time. Of course, we know that the Wednesday series focuses on the titular character, who seems to be different from everyone else around her, including her own family. So, does that mean that Wednesday Addams is adopted?

Wednesday Addams is not adopted. She is 100% a member of the Addams Family in the Wednesday series, as her powers as a psychic were inherited from both of her parents. Morticia Addams is a psychic herself, while Gomez Addams is the descendant of Goody Addams, a witch that Wednesday sees in visions.

Considering that Wednesday has a strong connection to both of her parents’ lineages, there is no doubt that she is an Addams and is the daughter of both Gomez and Morticia. Of course, the idea that she could be adopted was only something that was cooked up in the animated The Addams Family 2 movie that wasn’t as talked about as the Wednesday series. Now, with that said, let’s look at this topic in greater detail.

Wednesday And The Possibility Of Her Not Being An Addams

The massive success of the Wednesday series, which has been topping the charts on Netflix, allowed people to rekindle their interest in the Addams Family, which is a fictional family of odd people. Of course, nearly 100 years-worth of people have seen the Addams Family, considering that this fictional family has been around since the 1930s. But while there have been a lot of attempts to try to make the Addams Family interesting again, it was only the Wednesday series that has gotten more fans to see just how interesting the Addams Family lore could be.

Of course, the Wednesday series is a different reimagining of the Addams Family story, as it focuses more on Wednesday Addams and also explores the existence of the Outcasts, who are people who are quite different from the rest of society in terms of their physical attributes. Wednesday and the rest of the Addams Family are part of the Outcasts due to how weird they are.

But the thing about Wednesday is that even when compared to her family and to the rest of the Outcasts, there is something quite different about her. She struggles to socialize with people and seemingly lacks empathy to such an extent that she may even be autistic. Of course, we know that she has powers but her personality is still different compared to the other members of the Addams Family (except Uncle Faster) and the other Outcasts in her school of Nevermore Academy.


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As such, there might be some people that believe that Wednesday could be adopted and is not actually a member of the Addams Family. But the thing is that this is a topic that was never hinted at during the events of the Wednesday series. Instead, the possibility of Wednesday being adopted was something that was explored by a different reimagining of the Addams Family, as this was one of the subplots explored by the animated The Addams Family 2 movie.

In that movie, Wednesday was fooled by the antagonist named Cyrus Strange into thinking that she was not a member of the Addams Family and that he was her actual father. Wednesday tried to verify it by using a strand of Gomez’s hair. However, the test turned out negative, as she went on to believe that she was not an Addams at all. But it was proven later that she is an Addams and that the test only came out negative because she didn’t know that Gomez had been wearing a toupee the entire time.

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So, while this was a subplot in the events of The Addams Family 2, this wasn’t something that was explored in the Wednesday series, as there was never anything that hinted at the possibility that she could be adopted. Of course, we are still going to explore this topic to make sure that fans understand it well. 

Is Wednesday Really A Part Of The Addams Family?

During the entire Wednesday series, Wednesday Addams was such an oddball that probably the only person that was just as odd was Uncle Fester. However, compared to the other members of the Addams Family and her fellow Outcasts, she was very different. So, is Wednesday a part of the Addams Family?

There was never anything that could make us think otherwise that Wednesday is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. In fact, the events of the movie allowed us to confirm that she is indeed a member of the Addams Family both in name and in blood.

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First off, Wednesday was revealed to have psychic powers that allowed her to see bad things that happened or are about to happen to different people whenever she touches them. This was one of the abilities that allowed her to solve the mystery behind the Hyde monster that had been killing people in Jericho and Nevermore Academy.

This was something that was revealed to be a similarity she had with her mother, Morticia Addams, who also possessed a similar power that she manifested during her days in Nevermore. It was revealed that Morticia could also see visions about the past and future of different people when she touches them. However, unlike Wednesday, she could see the good things that have happened and are about to happen to other people.


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But the one thing that proves that Wednesday is indeed the daughter of Gomez and Morticia is the fact that she sees visions of a witch named Goody Addams, who existed centuries before her time and was one of the most important figures in the history of the Outcasts. Goody, who resembled Wednesday’s appearance, was a witch that fought against the different forces that were against the Outcasts hundreds of years ago. Of course, it was revealed by Morticia that Goody was a distant ancestor of Gomez.

So, the fact that Wednesday not only resembles Goody but sees her spirit in visions means that she is an Addams both in name and in blood. As such, there is no doubt the fact that Wednesday is indeed a member of the Addams Family is not adopted.