Is Welcome to Eden Scary & Should You Leave Your Lights On?

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Welcome to Eden is one of the newest thriller shows that you can watch on Netflix, and it promises to be a fun ride for those who enjoy thriller movies and shows. Considering that it is a thriller series, you might be wondering whether or not it is a pretty scary show or if it’s something that you might want to skip if you hate watching scary or gory movies and shows. So, is Welcome to Eden scary?

Despite being a thriller series, Welcome to Eden isn’t scary and is a series that won’t leave you feeling terrified after an episode. The series is more on the thriller-mystery side of the genre as there are hardly any scary or gory scenes on the show. But there are still scenes that are violent but aren’t too bloody.

The fact that Welcome to Eden isn’t scary means that it should be something that people who are not into horror movies should be able to watch. Nevertheless, the movie should be reserved for more mature audience members because there are themes, such as violence and sex, that aren’t really supposed to be seen by children.

Is Welcome To Eden A Horror Show?

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One of the newest series to hit Netflix’s massive library is Welcome to Eden, which is a pretty unique show in terms of its overall premise. While it might be true that Welcome to Eden borrowed a few elements from a few shows, it is just as unique as any other series out there, especially when you look at the fact that its story fits the overall atmosphere of the series.

As unique as Welcome to Eden is, it is tagged as a thriller series in the sense that there are some elements that make it quite thrilling and suspenseful. And a lot of different shows that are usually tagged as thrillers are also horror. So, does that mean that Welcome to Eden is also a horror series?

No, Welcome to Eden is not a horror series because it doesn’t have the elements that can make it belong to the horror genre. In that regard, there are no supernatural events or masked killers running around killing people in the series. Instead, the series is more on the mystery side of the thriller genre as the main characters try to find a way to escape the island while unlocking a few secrets about the people behind the Eden Foundation.

Basically speaking, the premise of Welcome to Eden follows the story of a group of young adults who were invited to an exclusive party on a secluded island. Five young adults were chosen out of dozens as the rest of the group was allowed to leave the island the next day while the others were stranded on it.


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Meanwhile, the five remaining partygoers were led to a community called the Eden Foundation, which is run by a couple who wanted to start their own community away from the outside world that had been killing off the planet. The couple, composed of Astrid and Erick, might have purposes that are quite good, but the method that they use to increase their numbers isn’t really moral.

As such, the young adults are forcibly indoctrinated into the Eden community as some of them were made to believe that they belong there. However, there were some who wanted to leave the island, despite the fact that they didn’t have the best lives back in the outside world. This is where the thriller part of the series manifests itself because those who dared to go against the wishes of Eden and tried to leave the island were summarily executed.

In that regard, the thriller part is more on the survival aspect of the series. There is nothing horrifying about the events of Welcome to Eden, and that means that it isn’t a horror-thriller series.

Is Welcome To Eden Scary?

Even though some shows or movies aren’t tagged in the horror genre, they can still be scary. In that regard, we do know that Welcome to Eden isn’t a horror series. But does that mean that it isn’t scary? Is Welcome to Eden a scary series?

There is nothing scary or terrifying about the events of Welcome to Eden. Instead, the events are only quite thrilling in the sense that you are left wondering what will happen to the characters next as they try to seek a way out of the island.

But as far as we are concerned, none of the scenes in Welcome to Eden are quite scary to the point that you might want to leave the lights on. In fact, there are no supernatural or paranormal events or anything related to those during the entire series. That’s why you have nothing to fear if you intend to watch Welcome to Eden.

There are a few scenes that may be eerily mysterious, especially the scenes about the child that one of the characters saw early in the series but is said to not exist. However, aside from that, nothing about Welcome to Eden is scary or terrifying.

How Gory Is Welcome To Eden?

Of course, while Welcome to Eden isn’t scary, there are still a few violent scenes that fit its overall theme as a thriller series. That means that you should expect the series to have a few bloody scenes and some deaths along the way.


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However, while Welcome to Eden does have a few violent scenes, it isn’t really gory. Most of the death scenes aren’t too bloody or gory. The way most of the characters were killed involved some sort of a gadget that pierced their skulls and killed them immediately. But the way the contraption works isn’t very blood or messy, as it was seemingly designed to be a gadget that could kill quickly and cleanly.

There are a few bloody scenes in the series, but they aren’t overly gory to the point that you might end up getting horrified. In a sense, this is simply your standard mature series that has a few violent and bloody scenes that aren’t over the top.

Can You Watch Welcome To Eden With Your Kids?

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Even though Welcome to Eden isn’t a scary and very gory or violent series, it isn’t something that you can watch with your kids. That’s because this is rated TV-MA, and that means that only mature audiences should be able to watch it without parental guidance.

The aspects that make Welcome to Eden rated TV-MA are not the violence and the gore. Instead, the series is full of suggestive scenes that are sexual in nature. While there isn’t exactly any nudity in Welcome to Eden, there are a lot of sex scenes. On top of that, themes like drinking and drugs are also discussed in the series.


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Given the fact that there are plenty of mature themes in Welcome to Eden, it isn’t a series that is appropriate for kids or even for younger teenagers. As such, if you want to watch it, it is best to do so without your children around. 

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