Is Willow Show Scary & Can Kids Watch It? Age Rating Explained

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One of the upcoming Disney shows that fantasy fans are excited about is Willow, which is basically the continuation story of the Willow movie that was released back in 1988. In that regard, there is no doubt that this series is riding on the nostalgia train as it allows the kids of the 80s and early 90s to relive one of the most amazing storylines their childhood years had. But what about today’s children? Is the Willow series scary, and can kids watch it?

The Willow series was made to be an adventure fantasy series that is based on the Willow movie. That means that there are no elements of horror in this series, which is yet to receive an age rating. However, because the original movie was rated PG, it is possible that it will be rated TV-PG.

Even though the original Willow was made to be an uplifting film with a lot of different elements that make it a great movie for younger audiences, there are still some themes that are a bit too mature for kids. That means that the Willow series is likely to be a TV-PG show that should require the guidance of parents when children are watching. That said, let’s take a good look at the age rating of Willow.

Is The Willow Series Scary?

Fans of the fantasy adventure genre in movies and shows would be excited about the fact that there is an upcoming Willow series that is going to have a lot of different elements that contribute to the entire fantasy adventure genre. Of course, it is also important to mention that this series is actually a continuation of the classic Willow movie that was released back in 1988 and has grown to become a favorite among those who grew up in the 80s and early 90s.

In that regard, there is a lot of nostalgia riding on the Willow series, considering that it already has an established audience in the form of those who have seen the original movie. But while we do know that the kids that saw this movie decades ago can watch this series and shouldn’t be scared of it, what about the kids today? Is the Willow series actually scary?

The Willow series follows the footsteps of the original movie in the sense that it is a fantasy adventure story that may also dive into dark fantasy elements and themes as well. As such, different things like medieval sword-fighting, magic, and mystical creatures are present in this series, and that means that there is likely a certain level of violence in this series.


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However, the fact is that Willow was never meant to be scary, even if there are some scenes that may be scary to very young audience members. For example, it isn’t rare for dark fantasy adventure storylines to have monsters and hideous creatures as enemies. But it is unlikely that Willow will have a lot of those, considering that this is a Disney+ series.

In that regard, it is highly unlikely that Willow will be generally scary or will have many scary scenes at all. As such, those who aren’t really interested in shows with elements of horror should be able to enjoy this series without getting scared of any of the different scenes.

What Is The Age Rating Of The Willow Series?

Of course, one of the things that parents and different people look at to determine whether or not a series or a movie is age-appropriate is its age rating. After all, the age rating is what determines whether or not kids of a certain age can watch the series. So, what is the age rating of the Willow series?

As of this writing, the Willow series is yet to receive an age rating, given the fact that we are still a few weeks away from its release. However, we can make a few assumptions about what its age rating is. And we are going to be basing it on the fact that the Willow series is based on the Willow movie that was released in 1988.

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The Willow movie released in 1988 actually had an age rating of PG. That means that parental guidance is required for young children whenever they are watching the Willow movie. It is possible that it received such an age rating due to the fact that it does have violent scenes and elements of fantasy that may be a bit too dark for children. Nevertheless, it still is a movie that kids can watch as long as there are parents there to guide them.


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In that regard, it is quite possible that the Willow series will follow the same kind of rating that the movie had. From what we’ve seen in the trailer, the Willow series follows a cast of young adults that teenagers and younger audiences can relate to. However, because the trailer already suggests that there will be fights and a few elements of dark fantasy, it is likely that it will also have an age rating of at least TV-PG, which is the equivalent of PG in movie age ratings.

Can Kids Watch The Willow Series?

Considering that the original Willow movie was appropriate enough for kids to watch as long as there were parents there to guide them, then it only follows that the Willow series should also be friendly enough for children as long as they are under parental guidance. And that’s because a series like this is likely to have violent scenes that aren’t always going to be friendly for children to watch.

Of course, considering that Willow is a Disney+ series, it is likely that it was always made for younger audiences to watch but not to the point that it would be friendly towards children. It should be more than friendly enough for teenagers. But kids that are younger than 13 should have their parents around when watching this series. 

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