Isekai Light Novel ‘Black Summoner’ to Get a TV Anime Series This Year


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According to the official Twitter account of Doufu Mayoi’s isekai light novel Black Summoner, the fantasy series will be getting a TV anime adaptation this year. Fans replied to the tweet and expressed their excitement for the news, saying they’d been waiting for the reveal. 

Doufu’s light novel was released in June 2016. It currently has 15 volumes. In January 2018, the series got a mang adaptation under the same title. The manga series currently has 11 volumes in circulation. 

Black Summoner follows the adventures of a former-human turned mighty warrior, Kelvin. The story starts with our protagonist waking up in a universe he has no recollection of. He doesn’t remember where he came from or where he is; all he knows is that he’s become quite powerful. As he explores the new world, he battles countless enemies and comes to enjoy the adrenaline of fighting. Along the way, Kelvin makes new friends and enemies, of course. 


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Three cast members for the upcoming anime have been revealed. Kelvin will be voiced by Kouki Uchiyama, Efil by Manaka Iwami, and Melfina by Reina Ueda. 

You can view the character biographies together with a comment by their respective voice actors below: 

Yoshimasa Hiraike is directing the anime at Satelight. Hiraike directed popular series such as Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku and Vandread. The character designs will be handled by Miwa Oshima. 

More information will be released in the following months. Follow the official Twitter account to stay up to date! 

Source: Official Twitter Account of Black Summoner 

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