It Turns Out Thor and Loki Are More Alike After All & Here’s Why

thor and loki

Thor and Loki grew up as brothers, but they were never related by blood, and that was why a part of Thor probably thought that his brother was mischievous. Nevertheless, while it may be true that Loki was the most mischievous out of all of the gods of Asgard, he is now a different person in the ‘Loki’ series. Loki even went on to talk about Thor in season 2, as this suggested that he and Thor were never really so different from one another. So, what makes Thor and Loki similar to one another?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In episode 4 of season 2 of ‘Loki,’ Loki talked about how he thought that Thor had gone soft after he came back from his exile on Earth.
  • But Loki realized that Thor’s softness wasn’t a weakness but was actually a strength.
  • Loki had also become “soft” in the sense that he now saw the value of other people’s lives.

Loki talks about Thor’s banishment to Earth

Episode 4 of season 2 of ‘Loki’ allowed us to see that there were larger problems that the TVA needed to address. The biggest problem was the Temporal Loom, which was about to emit so much radiation that it could destroy the entire TVA. That was why Loki and Mobius needed the help of Victor Timely to try to fix the Temporal Loom using his Temporal Aura and ingenuity as an inventor. And they could only bring Timely in because Sylvie chose to spare him in episode 3. 

The trio of Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius allowed OB and Timely to work on the Throughput Multiplier, which they believed could fix the Temporal Loom. Mobius suggested having pie while waiting for their allies to find a way to fix the problem. But that was when Sylvie snapped at Mobius for wanting to get some pie while there was a good chance that the TVA and everyone in it was going to die.

A bad turn on Sylvie’s part led her to the very same place where Loki and Mobius were seen eating pie a few episodes ago. Loki found Sylvie there and tried bringing up the things that she said to Mobius. Sylvie vocalized how she felt about sparing Timely. So, instead of tackling how she snapped at Mobius a few moments ago, Loki opted to talk about what happened to his brother.


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Loki talked about how Thor was banished from Asgard years ago but became a new person upon his return from Earth. For Loki, Thor’s newfound soft nature was a weakness because he saw that being soft gets people killed.

Of course, Thor was never evil but was still a person willing to take hundreds of lives to achieve the result that he wanted to achieve. In the events of the first ‘Thor’ movie, Thor was willing to kill all of the Frost Giants, who were the enemies of Asgard. For that, Odin banished him to Earth, where he met Jane Foster and was able to not only fall in love with her but gain a better understanding of what it meant to be human. Thor returned to Asgard and fought Loki, who wanted to destroy the Frost Giants.

odin banishes thor

We know that Loki failed and fell off the Bifrost before meeting Thanos and became one of his servants for a while. But the point here is that Loki thought that his brother had become weak and that this weakness would eventually kill him. Throughout their run as a duo of brothers in the MCU, Thor was the big softy, whereas Loki was the mischievous and conniving one. This continued until Loki’s death in the Sacred Timeline as he tried to pull off one more act of mischief before Thanos killed him. 

Just like Thor, Loki became “soft”

So, while we do know that Loki saw his brother as a big softy, we also know that Loki became a changed man. In season 1 of ‘Loki,’ Mobius was essential in Loki’s character development. He allowed the god of mischief to see how many people he hurt and killed in the Sacred Timeline and how his actions eventually led to his death.

This allowed Loki to have a renewed sense of purpose, which was to protect the timeline. And while he couldn’t keep the Sacred Timeline from branching, his new purpose was to protect the TVA so they could find a way to defend the multiverse from the different variants of He Who Remains.


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Essentially, Loki understood that Thor’s softness was not a weakness but a source of strength that allowed him to have a better purpose in life, which was to protect other people. This means that Loki was a lot like Thor after all, even though most people always perceived them as very different from one another in almost every aspect. He also became softer because he understood that being soft was not a weakness but a way for him to repent for his mistakes years ago.

This was the very same concept that Loki tried to make Sylvie understand because he wanted her to see that sparing Victor Timely was not a moment of weakness on her part. Instead, her softness was going to save countless lives on the different timelines in the multiverse.


Of course, it was harder for Loki to convince Sylvie that it was okay to be soft because Sylvie spent countless years just trying to survive. For her, being soft meant getting killed, which is quite understandable why she had that mindset. There was no opportunity for her to be soft because she had to stay on the run from the TVA for years to survive.

Still, it is clear that Sylvie was never evil as something inside her convinced her that killing Timely was not the right thing to do. This proves that she is also a lot like Loki, who we know is becoming more and more like Thor in how they value the lives of others.

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