Ittoki the Ninja Episode 5: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Ittoki the Ninja Episode 1: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Shinobi no Ittoki, also known as Ittoki the Ninja, is an original anime series produced by DMM Pictures and animated by Troyca. The series will premiere on October 4, 2022. While we’re waiting for the anime to finally start and we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Episode 5 of Ittoki the Ninja, which is scheduled to come out on November 1, 2022.

Ittoki the Ninja Episode 5 release date and time

From what we know at this moment, Episode 5 of Ittoki the Ninja is going to be released on November 1, 2022. The episode’s title is not known at this moment but we are certainly going to update the article as soon as more information becomes available. The previous episode of the show aired on October 25, 2022.

Ittoki the Ninja Episode 5 preview and spoilers

The plot of Ittoki the Ninja Episode 5 is not known at this moment. In this section, we are, thus, going to bring you a short introduction to the series in order to tell you what you can expect:

Synopsis: Ittoki and Kousetsu move to the Kokuten Ninjutsu Academy to begin their ninja education. However, they quickly discover that the Koga have a lot of influence in the school, as most of the students are from the Koga village. Despite this, Ittoki is able to befriend two students, Ryoko and Kirei. Kirei advises Ittoki not to get mad at the Koga’s elite students, who will look for any opportunity to intimidate him.

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In their first ninja class, Ittoki and the rest of the students are given a mission to use a Ninja Core and Ninja Suit to climb a tower, pick up a manjū, and return to the starting point with it. However, they have to catch them before the headmaster eats all the manjū. Unfortunately, Ittoki has little experience wearing a ninja outfit and has difficulty moving around until Ryoko, who belongs to a village that makes ninja gear, helps him fit the outfit to his size. As he heads to the tower, he discovers that the Koga students have stolen Kirei’s manjū.

Angry, he confronts the Koga’s thugs and is beaten up by them until the headmaster intervenes, but Ittoki was able to retrieve the manjū without them noticing and gives it to Kirei. However, Ittoki himself takes too long to complete his mission and the headmaster eats the last manjū. After the mission, Ittoki finds that due to pressure from the Koga students, none of the other students want to associate with him, but he takes comfort in the fact that he can count on Kousetsu, Ryoko, and Kirei to support him. Meanwhile, Tokisada receives a mission to infiltrate the Koga.

Where to watch Ittoki the Ninja Episode 5?

The only place where you can watch Ittoki the Ninja on a regular basis is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll offers the series regularly through simulcast, but you’ll have to watch it in Japanese, with English subtitles. Other streaming services do offer Ittoki the Ninja as well, but the episodes are not updated regularly so you won’t be able to watch the latest ones. Also, do remember that Crunchyroll does not offer Ittoki the Ninja episodes in every region of the world.

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