Izou vs. Maha: Who Won & Is He Really Stronger?

Izou vs. Maha: Who Is Stronger?

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The fact that the One Piece anime certainly has an abundance of strong and powerful characters allows us to compare these characters quite often, which is what we will do in this article as well, as these are one of our most popular articles. Yet another One Piece-related comparison, as you might have guessed, will bring you, the readers, a comparison of Izou and Maha, a member of the Alliance and a CP0 agent, respectively, who actually clashed in Wano Country in the final phases of the battle. This was one of the final battles in the arc, and in this article, we will analyze the two, as we will pit Izou against Maha to finally determine who the stronger of the two is.

And while Maha was able to kill Izou during their fight, we seriously don’t think that he is stronger. It was an unfair fight, as Izou had to fight both Guernica and Maha at the same time, but individually, the former commander of the Whitebeard Pirates was certainly strong enough to defeat the two of them. He has more skills and abilities than Maha and is a much more skilled fighter, but he lost simply because it was an unfair fight.

What follows, of course, is a detailed analysis of the answer we have given you above. We are going to portray Izou and Maha in more detail, giving you a thorough analysis of the issue at hand and the balance of power between the two characters using our usual formula. Through several categories, you will see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is, i.e., why we’re quite certain that Izou is stronger than Maha, despite being killed by him in battle.

Physical powers

Izou, who oversaw many of the Emperor’s subordinates as commander of the Whitebeard Pirates’ 16th Division, was one of the fiercest commanders in Whitebeard’s crew. He had a bounty of 510,000,000 Berrys hanging over his head to show how powerful he really was.

The fact that Jinbe, a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, claimed that all Whitebeard Pirates’ leaders were fierce pirates was proof of his notoriety. Even an opponent with the stature of an emperor, Kaido, as well as a number of Oden supporters, have been wounded by him. Sadly, which is a major issue when Izou is concerned, we never really found out the true extent of his physical abilities, as he was not seen fighting that much.


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Maha is one of the World Government’s most significant and potent intelligence agents and a member of CP0. Maha is among the strongest in his organization since he usually wears a mask over his face. This was shown by the seeming ease with which Zanki, one of the Numbers, was defeated.
Maha has received Rokushiki instruction as a member of the Cipher Pol. Maha has thus far been shown using the shigan.

Now, Maha is undoubtedly powerful, but just like Guernica, we don’t know the true extent of his powers, while we can assume that Izou was a truly formidable fighter as a former commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Therefore, we think that, individually, Izou is stronger than Maha and that he would win a fight against him under fair circumstances.

Points: Izou 1, Maha 0

Devil Fruit

As fans of One Piece know, Devil Fruits are an important element of the whole lore, and many powerful characters have a Devil Fruit that gives them additional powers and abilities. But, there are also many powerful characters without Devil Fruits, some of which are more prominent (like Zoro, Shanks, Garp, or Mihawk), while others are not as popular. Izou is one of the latter – he is powerful but doesn’t really have a Devil Fruit.

The same applies to Maha as well. He is not one of the more prominent characters from the series, and while he is undoubtedly strong, his powers are not a result of any Devil Fruit, as Maha has not consumed one in the series, but are the result of rigorous training. We don’t really have anything to add here as far as Maha is concerned.

As we don’t really have much to go with here, this will be one of those rare occasions where we will not award any points. The result will be the same as if we awarded points to both, but the difference from our usual approach is that we’re not going to share the points but rather not award them at all. Since neither of the two has any Devil Fruit powers, we cannot really assign points to any of them in this category, which is why the situation remains the same.

Points: Izou 1, Maha 0


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Izou can use Haki, like many other strong characters in the anime, and as far as is known, he can use two of the three forms of Haki in the series. Izou has a fairly high level of mastery of Armament Haki, which he can utilize to imbue his bullets to give them more potency. When he shot at Kaidou with these imbued bullets, he even managed to pierce his incredibly thick skin using this. Izou can also use Observation Haki, but it is unknown how good he is at it.

As for Maha, it is not known if he is able to use any of the three types of Haki. We can almost certainly exclude Conqueror’s Haki when he is concerned, but we don’t know about the two other types, as we have never seen him use any type of Haki, and Oda has never confirmed that he is able to use any.

Since we have no clue whether Maha can use any Haki, and we know that Izou can use two of the three types, our conclusion is quite straightforward, as we have to give Izou the points, as he clearly beats Maha in this category.

Points: Izou 2, Maha 0


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Izou is known for using his two trademark flintlocks. When he was younger, in Wano Country, he was depicted using a sword to help Oden beat Ashura Doji. Additionally, he was seen brandishing a sword at the pivotal moments of the Battle of Marineford. Izou has received samurai training, but as far as we can understand, he is not a profoundly efficient swordsman.

On the other hand, Izou could fire one hundred consecutive successful shots with his handguns, thanks to his exceptional level of accuracy. Using his pistols in close quarters, he shot at her just as he was about to chop it down, snapping a sword in half and wounding its owner.

As far as weapons are concerned, we haven’t really seen Maha use any in the series. As a CP0 agent, he probably has respectable skills with weapons, especially because he was a master assassin and one of the group’s strongest members. He is probably more skilled with bladed weapons than Izou, but not when marksmanship is concerned.

And while we’ve seen little of Maha’s skills, the fact that he was able (albeit in an unfair fight) to mortally wound Izou suggests that he has some skills that are more advanced than his. But, since we assume that Izou is superior when firearms are concerned, we can only divide the points here.

Points: Izou 3, Maha 1


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Maha killed Izou in an unfair fight, but Izou still managed to wound him which proves one thing – in a fair fight, Izou would probably win

The points clearly suggest that Izou is significantly stronger than Maha, yet Maha manages to kill Izou. How? Well, it was an unfair fight, as Izou had to fight against Guernica and Maha at the same time. Had it been a fair fight, we’re certain that Izou would have won.

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