James Bond: No Time To Die Will Have Its Premiere on Facebook

James Bond: No Time To Die

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James Bond: No Time to Die will have its worldwide premiere by streaming on Facebook, where all fans will have a chance to see it simultaneously!

No Time To Die will premiere in London, the main place for every James Bond movie. But the surprise comes from Variety, which reveals that Facebook has secured access to the live red carpet at London’s Royal Albert Hall and will broadcast the event through Facebook and Oculus Venues.

Maybe it is hard to believe it, but we will all have a chance to watch the premiere simultaneously, and it is all thanks to Facebook. Who would’ve fought?

James Bond No Time to Die premiere will be broadcast from 5:30 pm to 7:05 pm local time in London, and Clara Amfo will be hosting the event.

Not only will fans be able to watch No Time to Die premiere, but they will also have a completely new experience because we will all be able to use social media tools like live comments, captions, and submitting questions that, if you are lucky, may be answered by cast and crew.

Instagram will also be a part of the event by offering fans an interactive AR filter that will enable them to incorporate themselves into 007’s iconic opening sequence.

Still, just to be clear about this (it was confusing me for a second as well), Sony won’t be streaming James Bond No Time to Die movie on Facebook, for that, you will still have to go to the cinemas. But, we will be able to watch Red Carpet Premiere, which is also a big step forward, and who knows, maybe already with a new James Bond movie, we will have a chance to watch it directly on Facebook (even though I would prefer cinema for something like this).

James Bond No Time to Die will premiere in the UK on September 30th and in the US on October 8th.

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