James Gunn Announces ‘Superman: Legacy’ on Track Despite Industry Hurdles

James Gunn Announces 'Superman Legacy' On Track Despite Industry Hurdles

The superhero world has some good news. ‘Superman: Legacy’ is still soaring towards its original release date. James Gunn, the director and DC Studios co-CEO, has confirmed this exciting update. Despite the recent upheaval in Hollywood due to strikes, the movie is set to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.

The industry-wide strikes, involving writers and actors, cast a shadow of uncertainty over many projects. Delays became commonplace, but ‘Superman: Legacy’ is a notable exception. The crew’s dedication during this period was crucial, as they continued developing character and set designs, keeping the movie’s momentum going.

Taking on the cape of Superman is David Corenswet, with Rachel Brosnahan starring as Lois Lane. This new installment will explore a younger Superman, a key figure in the freshly minted DC Universe.


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The script was completed, and the main roles were cast just before the onset of the strikes, which seems to have been a strategic move. This early preparation has evidently helped the film maintain its schedule. Gunn’s enthusiasm is evident in his social media praises, where he lauds the crew’s commitment and creativity.

Expected to begin production in the spring, the film has a timeline similar to Gunn’s previous project, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3.’ This gives the team around a year and a half from the start of filming to its release.

But ‘Superman: Legacy’ isn’t the only project on the horizon. Gunn also mentioned ‘Creature Commandos,’ an animated series slated for a 2024 release on Max. This series will be the first project in the new DCU lineup, marking the beginning of a new era for DC fans.

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