James Gunn Is Seemingly Ready to Do Something with Superman that Snyder Would Never Do

James Gunn Is Seemingly Ready to Do Something with Superman that Snyder Would Never Do

Superman is, as we all know, one of the best, most popular, and strongest comic book characters ever. The guy has been around since 1938 and is one of DC Comics’ biggest assets. Throughout his career, Superman has – for the most part – embodied the ideals of heroism, and his name has somewhat become a synonym for superheroism in general. His on-screen interpretations have varied from campy to very dark and there is no fixed rule on how to interpret Superman on the big screen. Most fans will go back to Christopher Reeve, but there’s also Brandon Routh and Snyder’s darker vision of the character played by Henry Cavill.

James Gunn is going to introduce us to a new Superman next year, as David Corenswet is going to put on the famous suit in Superman, the first major project of Gunn’s upcoming DCU. We don’t know how Gunn’s Superman is going to differ from the other Supermen, but based on some hints, it seems that Gunn dared enter a territory that Zack Snyder, the original head of the now-defunct DCEU, would never have entered.

And while this is nothing official, the theory actually stems from a leaked shooting video, which shows Corenswet’s Superman, in full costume, in a very interesting scene. Before we comment further on this, here is the video for you:

In this scene, it seems that Superman is talking to a tree or, which seems like the more plausible solution, someone or something on that tree. And while we could not see who or what was on that tree, fans have begun to speculate that it is actually a cat in a tree that Superman is going to save and this piece of information caused more interest than we ever thought it would.

Namely, some commentators and fans have already started to compare Corenswet’s Superman to Cavill’s more favorably because this scene implies that Gunn’s version will be more colorful and vivid, more like the classic Superman we’re used to rather than the dark iteration envisioned by Snyder; if you remember, Superman broke his own rule of not killing in Snyder’s DCEU, which was a bold move, but a move that many fans did not like.

Saving a cat from a tree is one of the biggest cliches of superheroism, but that is exactly what it will function in Gunn’s vision. Gunn is, as it seems, aiming for a more down-to-earth version of the character, a Superman that is both an overpowered alien and someone who comes from Earth… just your regular Superman, here to save the day… and the cat from a tree, if necessary.

We don’t know if things will play out like that in the end, but it will be interesting to observe Gunn’s vision and how it will differ from the others. This is why you should keep following us, as we are going to bring you all the news and updates, as always.

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