James Gunn talks about being fired from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

James Gunn talks about being fired from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn talks again about being fired from directing the third movie, details of his conversation with Kevin Feige and his feelings about it.

Gunn has already talked about being fired from Guardians Vol. 3, but now he has again bared his soul and revealed some more info about it, like some details about his conversation with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.

In case you don’t know, Gunn was fired because some controversial tweets came out that he tweeted between 2008-2012. Disney didn’t like that and pulled a move that didn’t sit well with most of the fans, they fired Guardians director before he managed to finish the trequel. Now, Gunn reveals some more details about his walk with Feige, so check it out below.

“I called Kevin [Feige] the morning it was going on, and I said, ‘Is this a big deal?’ And he goes, ‘I don’t know.’ That was a moment. I was like, ‘You don’t know?’ I was surprised. Later he called me – he himself was in shock – and told me what the powers that be had decided.”

It really must come as a shock that even Feige didn’t know about it and got his orders from above.

Gunn did react fast on those tweets and apologized for them, but Disney didn’t budge, not yet anyway. That really shocked Gunn, who was building his life on those contracts. Here he talks about how he felt then.

“It was unbelievable. And for a day, it seemed like everything was gone. Everything was gone. I was going to have to sell my house. I was never going to be able to work again. That’s what it felt like.”

Still, fans got on his side and backed him up, which Warner Bross recognized and almost immediately offered him a job on their next big team movie, The Suicide Squad. We expect the movie to be pretty similar in spirit to the Guardians of Galaxy, and that is probably what WB wanted when they hired him.

In the meantime, Disney saw they made a big mistake and decided to bring Gunn back to work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but that postponed the movie for some time (we will see when it comes out exactly how long).

Even with all this happening to him, Gunn doesn’t hold grudges against Disney and Marvel Studios and here is what he has to say about it.

“It’s such a bigger issue than that. Because cancel culture also is people like Harvey Weinstein, who should be canceled. People who have gotten canceled and then remain canceled – most of those people deserved that. The paparazzi are not just the people on the streets – they’re the people combing Twitter for any past sins. All of that sucks. It’s painful. But some of it is accountability. And that part of it is good. It’s just about finding that balance.”

All this is actually great news for Gunn’s fans because now they are not getting only one superhero movie from him, but actually two, and we can only hope that if the Suicide Squad becomes a big box office hit, we could in the future get even more movies from this acclaimed director.

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