Jared Padalecki Comments on Possible ‘Supernatural’ Reboot with Jensen Ackles in 2025

Jared Padalecki Comments on Possible 'Supernatural' Reboot with Jensen Ackles in 2025

We know that Supernatural is one of the most popular fantasy series of all time and that it is now considered to be a cult classic among genre fans. And really, Kripke’s show managed to do something that not many shows were able to do, and we can only praise the overall quality of the series.

Of course, a lot of the series’ success has to be attributed to its stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who played Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively, two brothers who chased and fought various supernatural threats. It made stars out of the principal actors and years after the finale, fans are still demanding more.

And while we have recently reported on Padalecki in the context of his The Boys cameo, where he would team up with Ackles’ Soldier Boy in some way, it seems that the actor is teasing another reunion with his Supernatural co-star, and it seems that this is the one that the fans want even more than The Boys reunion.

Jared Padalecki recently had a talk with Tommy DiDario on his I’ve Never Said This Before podcast. During the talk, Padalecki’s The Boys appearance was discussed, and Padalecki once again confirmed that they are planning an appearance for him in Season 5, but DiDario also asked him about a possible reboot of Supernatural and it seems that the actor has some great news for the fans:

In the talk, Padalecki revealed that he was more than ready to “put the flannel [shirt] on and play Sam Winchester” once again, but he did say that he would not like to do another fifteen or even five years of Supernatural, although he is “dying to do a reboot of Supernatural.” So, how?

Well, Padalecki did praise the format of the Gilmore Girls return, saying: “Here are four one-and-a-half-hour episodes, we’ll shoot it in three months. I think Jensen [Ackles] and I both said in 2020, like ‘We’d love to revisit these characters, this world, give us five years.’ Which is next year.”

This is certainly an interesting tease, isn’t it? It seems that both Padalecki and Ackles are up for it, and we just might get a limited-series format Supernatural reboot soon. Whether it’s going to be next year is something we’ll have to see, but do remember to stay with us on Fiction Horizon for all the updates!

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