Jason Alexander Breaks Silence on ‘Seinfeld’ Reboot Rumors

Seinfeld reboot not gonna happen

In the world of sitcoms, few shows have garnered a fanbase as dedicated as “Seinfeld.” Recently, rumors about a possible reboot of the show have been swirling, stirring excitement among fans. However, Jason Alexander, known for his role as the neurotic George Costanza, has some disappointing news regarding these speculations.

In a candid interview with Extra, Alexander revealed that he is in the dark about any potential revival of the show. His words were a surprise, especially following Jerry Seinfeld’s intriguing comments in a stand-up routine, where Seinfeld hinted at something in the works with Larry David, the show’s co-creator. Seinfeld’s cryptic message suggested they might plan to address the show’s controversial finale.

The finale aired to mixed reviews and saw the main characters getting arrested for their indifference during a mugging. Larry David, discussing the finale with Bill Simmons of Grantland in 2014, acknowledged the divided reception. He noted that finales often disappoint because fans have their expectations about how a show should conclude.


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Further dampening the reboot rumors, Alexander mentioned that neither Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Elaine, nor Michael Richards, known as Kramer, have heard anything about a revival. This aligns with Louis-Dreyfus’ statement to The Guardian in October, where she expressed confusion over Seinfeld’s remarks.

These revelations suggest that, despite the excitement and speculations, a “Seinfeld” reboot may not be on the horizon after all. This news might be a bit of a letdown for fans hoping to see George, Elaine, Jerry, and Kramer back in action. Yet, the enduring love for “Seinfeld” proves that the show’s legacy continues, even if new episodes aren’t part of the picture. For now, fans can only reminisce and enjoy the classic episodes, reliving the laughter and quirks that made “Seinfeld” a television phenomenon.

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