Jodie Foster Confirms She Rejected a Major ‘Star Wars’ Role

Jodie Foster Confirms She Rejected a Major 'Star Wars' Role

Jodie Foster is undoubtedly one of the biggest female stars in Hollywood. The actress made a name for herself by playing the young prostitute Iris Steensma in Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, after having appeared in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore two years prior. But, while her filmography includes some important titles like The Accused (1988), Sommersby (1993), Maverick (1994), Contact (1997), Anna and the King (1999), Panic Room (2002), Flightplan (2005), Inside Man (2006), The Brave One (2007), Nim’s Island (2008), Carnage (2011), Elysium (2013), The Mauritanian (2021), and Nyad (2023), her best-known role is that of Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs, which also brought her her second Oscar. Recently, she also appeared in True Detective: Night Country.

But, while she has definitely gathered a large number of major roles, she has also – as you might have assumed – rejected and lost several other major roles, and from what we know now, one of these roles was a major Star Wars role.

While appearing recently on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jodie Foster talked about numerous moments from her career, but there was one particular moment, or question, to be precise, that captured our interest and here is what it is:

Fallon: “You’ve been in so many iconic roles, and we love what you do,” the host said. “But I saw this on the internet — you were offered the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars, is that true?”

Foster: “Yeah. I was, yeah. They were going for a younger Princess Leia but I had a conflict. I was doing a Disney movie and I just didn’t want to pull out of the Disney movie because I was already under contract. So I didn’t do it. And they did an amazing job. I don’t know how good I would have been.”

So, as you can see, Foster was the first choice for the legendary character of Leia, who was, as you know, played by the late Carrie Fisher in the movies. And while Fisher made the role her own, we can confirm that it would have been quite interesting to see Jodie Foster in this role and we’re sure she would have given the role a slightly different touch.

But it is how it is. In case you’re wondering which movie she was talking about, the Disney one, it was most likely the original Freaky Friday movie, as it makes sense chronologically and factually, a role that is special but is not as important and relevant historically as that of Princess Leia.

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