John Cena in Talks to Star in Upcoming Action-Comedy Movie “Freelance”

John Cena in Talks to Star in Upcoming Action-Comedy Movie "Freelance"

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According to Deadline, John Cena is in talks to star in the upcoming action-comedy movie Freelance.

The director of the movie will be Pierre Morel (Taken), and it is produced by Endurance Media’s Steve Richard, along with Sentient Entertainment’s Renee Tab and Christopher Tuffin.

Here is the synopsis for the Freelance:

The movie follows a special forces operator (Cena) who decides to retire from the Army and begin a family life back in the United States. Years pass, and after settling into the family life, the operator decides to come out of retirement to take a job providing security for a journalist as she travels to interview a dictator who has a history with the operator.

“When a military coup breaks out in the middle of the interview, the three are forced to escape into the jungle where they must survive the elements, the military and one another,” reads a description for the film.

The film is scheduled to start production early next year in Columbia, but no studio has yet acquired the rights.

Freelance will continue the growth of Cena’s career in Hollywood. He recently starred in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and will reprise his role in the upcoming HBO Max TV show, Peacemaker.

He is also widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Cena is also tied with Ric Flair for the most world championship reigns in professional wrestling history.

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