‘John Wick’: Chapter 4′ Post-Credits Scene Explained


The ending of John Wick: Chapter 4 surprised many people as it finally concluded the main storyline of this fictional universe. However, while the main John Wick storyline has certainly been concluded with that bittersweet ending to Chapter 4, what was even more surprising was that there is a post-credits scene at the end of the entire movie. So, what happened in the John Wick: Chapter 4 post-credits scene?

The John Wick: Chapter 4 post-credits scene focuses on Caine, who had just guaranteed his freedom and his daughter’s safety from the High Table. However, the blind man encounters Akira, whose father, Caine, was killed in the Osaka Continental during his mission to kill John Wick.

The thing about the entire John Wick universe is that it is a huge cycle of revenge that doesn’t seem to end until a person dies. In that regard, while John Wick’s cycle is already done, the events of Chapter 4 seem to have started a new cycle that focuses more on Caine’s character. Now, let’s look at what we know about the John Wick: Chapter 4 post-credits scene.

What Happened in the John Wick: Chapter 4 Post-Credits Scene?

*Major spoiler alert

One of the things that we know about John Wick: Chapter 4 is that this movie focuses a lot on John Wick’s personal quest for freedom after he got his revenge against the people that wronged him. The storyline happens in quick succession ever since the first movie, as Wick hasn’t had a real chance to rest from the first movie’s events. Of course, Chapter 4 allowed us to see the end of his quest for freedom when he finally found a way to obtain it from the High Table.

During the events of John Wick: Chapter 4, a new character in the form of Caine is introduced. Like most of the other assassins that worked for the High Table, Caine is John Wick’s friend and is someone that respects him. However, because Caine was forced to work for the High Table due to the threat to his daughter’s life, he decided that the only way for him to guarantee his daughter’s safety was to work for the Marquis and hunt down John Wick.


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In that regard, Caine went to Osaka, Japan, where the Osaka Continental guaranteed a safe haven to John. Managed by his old friend Shimazu, the Osaka Continental became a battleground between the High Table and the different assassins loyal to the manager. Of course, we also saw the dynamic between Shimazu and his daughter, Akira, who worked as the concierge for that hotel.

Nevertheless, Caine failed to kill John but had to run into Shimazu, another one of his old friends. The two of them ended up dueling with one another, as Shimazu wasn’t willing to betray John. As such, Akira lost her father to a man that was looking to protect his daughter. And that was when Akira vowed to John that if he wouldn’t kill Caine, she will.

Fast-forward to the movie’s end, John Wick is killed after suffering heavy injuries on his way to the duel with Caine and getting shot multiple times in the duel with his old friend. After Caine dealt a fatal blow to John, the Marquis stepped in to try to deliver the final shot to the assassin before guaranteeing that Caine and his daughter would be free from the clutches of the High Table. However, John won the duel when he surprised and shot the Marquis, who thought he had no bullets left.

John eventually succumbed to his injuries and wounds but died as a free man. Meanwhile, Caine also won his freedom after serving the Marquis. This allowed both assassins to get their freedom from the High Table. And Chapter 4 also served as the conclusion to John’s story and cycle of revenge.

However, even though the first three movies of John Wick didn’t have post-credits scenes, Chapter 4 broke the cycle by introducing a post-credits scene right at the end of the entire movie (that’s why you have to stick around longer). 

A happy and free Caine could be seen walking around the streets of Paris while listening to his daughter performing with her violin. However, what the blind man didn’t expect was that Akira was seemingly stalking him.

The post-credits scene was quite vague because we don’t know whether Akira was aiming for Caine or was trying to take an eye for an eye by killing his daughter. But we do know that the cycle of revenge in the entire John Wick storyline is far from over because the post-credits scene involving Caine and Akira could be teasing a continuation of their story sometime in the future.

Will There Be More John Wick Movies?

While we do know that John Wick is now dead and was able to enjoy the final minutes of his life as a free man that no longer had any obligations to the High Table, what we also know is that the John Wick movie franchise launched an entire universe of assassins, including Caine.

caine 2

We know that two more John Wick-related projects are in the same universe. The first is called The Continental, which is a spin-off TV series about the Continental Hotel. There is also Ballerina, a movie focusing more on Ana de Armas’ Rooney.

The Ballerina movie occurs between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of John Wick’s story. That means Keanu Reeves will probably return as John Wick for a minor or cameo role in that film. As such, if you already miss John Wick, you’ll probably see him again in Ballerina.


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As to what the post-credits scene of Chapter 4 teases, there is a possibility that a new cycle of revenge will commence. Donnie Yen is a big action star and made a big splash with the introduction of his Caine character, which provided enough laughs and entertainment for fans of the John Wick franchise. We also know that Caine is the only character to match John Wick in a fight, and that means that a new storyline involving him could be interesting to see, especially if it is another revenge quest.

Of course, we don’t know if this will be a movie or a series, but we do know that the team behind John Wick is looking to cash in on the universe that the four John Wick films were able to build and establish.

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