‘John Wick’ Director Teases Future TV and Anime Series in Development

John Wick

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In a candid chat on The Playlist’s The Discourse podcast, Chad Stahelski, the mastermind behind the ‘John Wick’ series, shared some exciting news for fans. He’s working on expanding the adrenaline-fueled universe of ‘John Wick’ beyond the big screen.

Stahelski’s vision includes a TV show and an anime series, both set in the intricate world of ‘John Wick.’ The TV show will dive into the inner workings of The High Table, a mysterious and powerful group that plays a central role in the movies. This is a chance for fans to get a closer look at what makes The High Table tick and the intricate politics at play.

The anime series seems equally promising. It’s not just a rehash of the movies. Instead, it’ll explore new stories, possibly giving us a peek into the pasts of beloved characters. Imagine learning more about where John Wick came from or the origins of other key figures in the series. It’s like adding new layers to a story we thought we knew.


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Stahelski emphasized that these projects aren’t just spin-offs. They’re integral to the John Wick world. They’ll maintain the series’ signature intense action and gripping storytelling blend. But they’ll also offer something new that fans haven’t seen before.

What’s cool about these new projects is their aim to deepen the John Wick experience. They’re not just riding on the coattails of the movies success. They’re set to expand the universe, giving fans more of what they love while exploring uncharted territory.

Stahelski’s plan sounds like a bold step in the right direction. It’s about building on a solid foundation and taking it to the next level. For fans of the series, this news is a thrilling promise of more high-stakes action and intriguing storylines, all set in the captivating world of ‘John Wick.’

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