Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: When Will the Verdict Be Released & Our Speculation

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial is one of the most highly publicized trials in recent memory because of the fact that it involves one of the most popular actors of all time. This trial has been going on for six weeks and has accumulated more than a hundred hours of testimony as the teams have rested their cases and delivered their closing statements on May 27. The jury is now allowed to have time to come up with a verdict on the matter. So, when will the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard verdict be released?

As the closing statements were delivered on May 27, the jury was allowed to convene so that they could come up with a verdict. However, it seems like they need more time as the deliberations of the jury will continue on May 31. It is possible that the jury would release the verdict on the same day.

In most cases, the jury tends to release the verdict soon after the closing statements have been released. However, because this is a high-profile case that involves millions of dollars, it becomes imperative for the jurors to be extra careful with how they deliberate on this case. That is why we may have to wait until May 31 to find out who will win this high-profile legal battle.

When Will The Verdict On The Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Trial Be Released?

The world has been turning into what is one of the most publicized trials in recent memory as Johnny Depp instituted a $50 million defamation case against Amber Heard. Depp and Heard are former spouses as the ex-husband seeks to claim damages against his ex-wife, who he believes defamed him when she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse in an essay that was published by the Washington Post.

In that regard, the trial began in April 2022 and went on for six weeks. On May 27, after more than a hundred hours of testimonies delivered by both parties, Judge Penney Azcarate finally instructed the jury to deliberate on the case based on what they saw from what both parties delivered during the trial. Now, let’s look at the sides of both parties before we talk about when the verdict will be released.

Johnny Depp Closing Statements

Johnny Depp’s party’s main arguments rest on the belief that he lost a lot of projects and roles when Amber Heard claimed that she was a victim of domestic abuse during their marriage. Depp argues that he never abused his ex-wife and that she was the one who was abusing him instead. This allowed Depp’s lawyers to deliver highlights of witness testimony clips during their closing argument as they asserted to the jury that Heard merely fabricated her entire story.

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“He has lost nothing less than everything because of Ms. Heard’s lies,” lawyer Ben Chew said. 

Depp’s legal team also showed testimonies that suggest that Amber Heard could be showing signs of personality disorder because she constantly lied throughout the entire legal war with Depp and due to the fact that she never donated the $7 million pledge that she should have donated to the American Civil Liberties Union after their divorce.

“This is not a Me Too situation,” lawyer Camille Vasquez said. “There are no me too’s, just not me’s”—a reference to Heard releasing the op-ed in 2018, within the height of the #MeToo movement.

Amber Heard Closing Statements

Meanwhile, Amber Heard’s party filed a $100 million counterclaim against Johnny Depp because she believes that the suit that he instituted was merely there to harass her and to defame her name in the industry, as she believes that she is on the rise as an actress, following her role in Aquaman.

Heard’s lawyers, Benjamin Rottenborn and Elaine Bredehoft, said that Depp is the real monster in this case and that the evidence that has been presented leans heavily towards her. They also included various pictures and videos that suggest that Johnny Depp was always under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which led to him developing a violent and abusive personality to the detriment of Amber Heard and their marriage. The lawyers also fought for Amber Heard’s right to free speech when she released that essay.

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“It’s not about whether you think Ms. Heard may have been abusive to Mr. Depp,” said Rottenborn. “Remember, if you think they were both abusive to each other, then Amber wins.”

What Will Happen Next?

Both legal teams have rested their case, as the judge instructed the jurors to deliberate on the matter. The legal team, however, failed to reach a verdict on May 27, and that means that they have to return to deliberate on the matter on May 31. That means that it could be possible that the verdict will be released on May 31, Tuesday, if the jury is able to finally come up with a verdict that will hopefully resolve this matter for good.

Who We Believe Will Win The Case

At this point, it is tough to say who will win this case because none of us here are legal experts. Of course, the case could go either way, depending on how the individual members of the jury were to look at what the legal teams of both parties have been able to present. That said, the fates and probably the careers of both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard rest on the decision of the jurors.

Then again, we can speculate a bit based on what we have heard and seen from both sides. It isn’t a secret that the internet leans heavily toward Johnny Depp’s side because he is the more prominent personality between the two. And the people of the internet also believe that Amber Heard has a motive in relation to the couple’s divorce and eventual legal battle.

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However, there are two sides to the same coin, as both sides were able to establish that their marriage was a hot mess. It could be possible that Depp did indeed abuse Heard during their marriage, but it is also possible that Heard was also the more abusive of the two. The very reason why Depp lost a case in the UK, to begin with, was the fact that it was actually established in court that he did physically abuse Heard several times.

Still, Johnny Depp was able to release evidence that points to the possibility that Amber Heard was the abusive and unstable one between them and that she was the one who had been manipulating everyone from the start.

In that regard, we believe that the case could go either or both ways, as this is a civil case. That means that the jury could decide that both Depp and Heard are liable to each other in this defamation suit.

Then again, we did see something interesting when the judge approved Amber Heard’s request to seal the name of the jurors for a year. This basically means that the names of the jurors will not be released to the general public for a year. And we believe that Heard’s party is confident enough that the jury will decide in their favor to the point that they wanted the jurors’ identities to be confidential for the sake of their safety.

Still, that isn’t an indication of how the jurors will decide on the matter. It is still up to the jury to deliberate on this case as the verdict may end up getting released on May 31. Then again, we still do believe that both parties are at fault here, regardless of what the internet may think about who did what to who.

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