Jonathan Majors, Convicted for Domestic Abuse, to Receive Perseverance Award at Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards

Jonathan Majors, Convicted for Domestic Abuse, to Receive Perseverance Award at Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards

Hollywood has always been a strange place, everyone knows that. It’s all about showbiz and entertainment, while the moral and ethical aspects are rarely in the spotlight unless it’s really too much. But not even then on every occasion. Remember Jonathan Majors? The up-and-coming star who was supposed to play Kang in the MCU and be the franchise’s “next Thanos”? Yeah, the guy who was convicted for physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, for which he was sentenced to a 52-week in-person domestic violence intervention program. Majors was dropped from numerous roles and projects as his career fell down the drain.

But, as things stand, not everyone shares the opinion that Majors is a major no-no in Hollywood. And while the actor has been blacklisted for the most part, the organization known as Hollywood Unlocked has decided to present the actor with its supposedly prestigious Perseverance Award this year. Why? Well…

As the organization explains, the Perseverance Award is given “to an individual who has shown that no matter what adversity they face, they will continue to aspire and inspire.” We don’t know whether the organization has had some other controversial winners over the years, but while we can agree that Majors has been fighting off the shame of his own actions, we don’t really know how a domestic abuser of women continues “to aspire and inspire”? Whom? Other abusers? We don’t have an answer to that question, but we can tell you the official explanation for this award:

For Majors, this recognition comes in the wake of a challenging legal battle that saw him convicted of reckless assault and harassment last year which led to him being sentenced to a 52-week domestic violence intervention program back in April. The charges stemmed from a March 2023 incident with ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. As previously reported, Jabbari testified that she saw a strange text message on his phone from another woman while they were in a vehicle. She claimed that he tried to grab his phone back which ultimately led to the alleged assault. However, surveillance videos showed Majors escaping the vehicle and running far away from Jabbari in the New York City streets; with her chasing him from behind. A jury ultimately convicted him on two charges and found Majors not guilty of intentional assault in the third degree and not guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree after a two-week trial. Despite all the setbacks while trying his best to maintain his innocence, Majors continued to push forward while being determined to earn his respect back from his peers and the industry.

Source: Hollywood Unlocked

We honestly have no clue who wrote this or how any of this makes sense – an act that has been proven in court is not alleged anymore, guys – but this is the official reasoning, and… well… if they’re fine with it, it’s on them. We honestly think it is appalling…

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