Jonathan Nolan on Returning to ‘The Dark Knight’ Series: “Wouldn’t that be a dream…”

Jonathan Nolan on Returning to 'The Dark Knight' Series: "Wouldn’t that be a dream…"

As far as comic book adaptations go, most objective commentators and critics will agree that there is nothing better, overall than Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, which adapted the character of Batman and his world. Starring Christian Bale in the main role, the trilogy is lauded by critics and fans as well for having elevated the comic book movie to a completely new level, combining the fantasy of these worlds with the realism of our own world in the best way possible. Jonathan Nolan, Christopher’s brother, also contributed to the series as a screenwriter and in a recent interview, he confirmed that he would love to go back to that world at one point.

Jonathan Nolan is Christopher’s frequent collaborator and is credited as the co-writer of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, alongside Christopher. Both brothers have since moved on from comic book adaptations, with Jonathan Nolan penning Westworld and currently working on Fallout, but The Dark Knight is still an important part of his life and career, so he often gets asked about it.

Recently, Jonathan Nolan and Fallout star Ella Purnell sat down with Showsha‘s Dishya Sharma to discuss the series, but also some other aspects of their lives and careers. Nolan was, at one point, asked about The Dark Knight series, and here is what he revealed:

Dishya Sharma: “Uh, you know… I cannot end this conversation without asking my, like, I’m a fan of the franchise so it’s it’s an honor to be sitting here and asking you this… The Dark Knight series…”

Jonathan Nolan: “Oh, thank you!”

Dishya Sharma: “Uh, I wanted to know is that when, uh… Christian Bale had come down few few years ago and I was talking to him and I asked him that you know… uh, will there be any chance that he and… uh, you know… he would come back to the franchise, and he said that right now – at this I’m talking about 2018 – and that time he was like…”

Jonathan Nolan: “What did he say?”

Dishya Sharma: “He said that time, that… that… at that point there was no scope for it…”

Jonathan Nolan: “Yeah.”

Dishya Sharma: “It’s been a while. Have you all had a conversation? Because, see, he’s coming with an MCU movie…”

Jonathan Nolan: “Wouldn’t that be a dream?”

Dishya Sharma: “It would.”

Jonathan Nolan: “That that period of my life… it was about 10 years of my life, when I got the call to go work on Batman Begins… 2003… to putting out The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, and it was epic. The chance to work with with Christian, Heath, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, the extraordinary cast that film… in those films, and… and on a sort of… on an American icon. So… if I had the chance to go back and work on that again – absolutely!”

Dishya Sharma: “Do you ever discuss the franchise, like, in recent years?”

Jonathan Nolan: “Um… it’s been a minute. We’ve moved on to other things, and, of course, other people have picked up the mantle, as before us, have picked up the mantle and moved forward with with those characters. Um… but I… I do think back to the experience of working on those movies every now and then. What a… what a thrill. What a thrill it was.”

You can check out the whole interview on YouTube.

And while this is no proper confirmation, it seems that if the studios decide to revisit Nolan’s world, they will find collaborators immediately, as Jonathan Nolan, one of the universe’s main architects, is definitely up for a return. It’s been a while, though, so it doesn’t sound very likely at this moment, but you never know, maybe James Gunn and the people at Warner Bros. have some ideas we don’t know of yet.

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