Judomaster Vs. Vigilante: Who Would Win and Why?

Judomaster vs Vigilante: Who Would Win?

Peacemaker is, as we know, the protagonist of the Peacemaker television series. But, this DCEU spin-off that came out of the genius mind of James Gunn, as a “sequel” to his The Suicide Squad, also introduced a plethora of other, more obscure, DC Comics characters that we probably would never have seen otherwise. Two of them are Judomaster and Vigilante. If the two fought, who would win in a fight?

Judomaster would be able to defeat Vigilante in a fight. Both of them are regular guys at the peak of their abilities, but where Judomaster has formal martial arts training and military experience, the Adrian Chase iteration of Vigilante has – nothing. He is a relatively skilled Vigilante, but he doesn’t have much to offer when compared to Judomaster’s great skills.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Judomaster and Vigilante in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.

Fighting Sklls

Ripley Jagger, the version of Judomaster we’re referencing in this comparison, is a great martial artist, as his superhero name suggests. He has formal training and is an expert in judo, but he also has some other martial arts skills that make him even more dangerous. He is not like Bronze Tiger or Bane, but when compared to Vigilante, he is a true expert.


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Adrian Chase is a skilled and somewhat talented martial artist. He has some formal training, which was necessary for him to become a successful vigilante, and some additional skills thanks to his Eastern meditation techniques, but that is nowhere near the level of Judomaster’s skills. Chase is good for his street-level work, but when faced with a serious opponent, he wouldn’t really stand a chance.

There was no doubt that Judomaster would win this category. Vigilante does have some martial arts training, but compared to Judomaster’s judo skills and his otherwise great fighting skills, he simply doesn’t stand a chance.

Points: Judomaster 1, Vigilante 0


The Judomaster is a trained officer of the US Army and although his martial arts skills are his forte, he knows how to hold and fire a gun, which makes him dangerous in this category. He also has a lot of experience with guns and although he might not be on Deadshot’s level, he is certainly good enough for this comparison.

Vigilante Adrian Chase 05

Vigilante is generally described as a good marksman and a character that is skilled with weapons, but seeing how “often” he has appeared in the comics, we don’t really know how good he is really. We assume that he can hold a gun and fire it, but that’s about as much as we know, and that doesn’t seem to be encouraging.

Vigilante is a good marksman, but he lacks both the formal training and the experience of an officer of the US Army, which is why Judomaster absolutely wins this one as well.

Points: Judomaster 2, Vigilante 0


Ripley Jagger was an officer of the US Army and has gained the necessary training to be an excellent tactician. He probably wasn’t the best among his peers, but he has surely demonstrated enough skills to earn respect the field. We don’t really know how advanced these skills are, as he hasn’t appeared too often in the comics, but we assume that he a formidable tactician.

Living Assault Weapons Vol 1 5

As for Adrian Chase, the guy doesn’t really have much experience when tactics are concerned, seeing is a lawyer and a “freelance” street-level vigilante. Sure, he’s highly intelligent and could come up with a decent plan, but he lacks the experience and formal training to do more in this aspect when compared to Jagger.

The Judomaster has formal military training and experience, whilst Vigilante is a street-level… well… vigilante. In that aspect, Judomaster is superior in this category and that is why he gets the point.

Points: Judomaster 3, Vigilante 0

Other Skills

The Judomaster has no special skills, at least not the version (Rip Jagger) we’re talking about in this article. Some later iterations of the character did have some additional powers, this version of the character was a completely normal guy at the peak of his abilities. He has some fighting skills and he uses some weapons and gadgets, but that’s pretty much it.


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Adrian chase, as you might have guessed, compares most similarly to Judomaster in this category, save for one difference – he does have one superhuman power: regeneration. Since he hasn’t been featured in the comics that much, we don’t know the exact mechanisms behind these powers, but they are present and they do make a difference, even if just to prevent the Judomaster from actually killing Vigilante.

Seeing how Vigilante does have one special power when compared to Judomaster, we have to give this final point to him, as the sheer quantity of powers here surpasses those of Rip Jagger.

Points: Judomaster 3, Vigilante 1

Judomaster Vs. Vigilante: Who Wins?

As you can see, the situation is pretty clear in this aspect – Judomaster is the absolute winner in this duel, without a doubt. This wasn’t really a hard one, as Judomaster does so much better than Vigilante in every major category. People forget that Adrian Chase is simply a lawyer-turned-vigilante with some martial arts training and some street experience, where as Rip Jagger is a trainer US army officer.


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This is why Judomaster’s fighting skills, weapon skills and tactical skills are so superior to Vigilante’s and why we couldn’t even consider awarding points to Adrian Chase in any of these categories. Still, honoring the fact that Adrian Chase does have some regenerative abilities, we had to award the last point to him, as Judomaster has no special powers.

Ultimately, the decision in this category was absolutely clear and we have no doubts that Judomaster would be able to defeat Vigilante in direct combat.

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