Jujutsu Kaisen: Can the Star Plasma Vessel Be a Man?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Can the Star Plasma Vessel Be a Man?

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With the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen slowly continuing its broadcast, fans are able to enjoy Gojo’s Past Arc, a short flashback arc that takes us back to 2006 when Gojo and Geto were still students. And while it might seem that this flashback arc has little to do with the present timeline, the character of Master Tengen is actually the link that connects this flashback arc to the present timeline. And while we’ve already talked about several aspects related to Master Tengen, this article will also remain in that field, but not directly, as we will focus on the Star Plasma Vessel. In this article, you will find out what the Star Plasma Vessel is, i.e., to be more precise, whether the Star Plasma Vessel can be a man or not.

The Star Plasma Vessel is a title assigned to a young woman who can merge with the user of the Immortality technique and refresh that technique. This allows Master Tengen to maintain their human shape and the balance of the jujutsu barriers. And while this has not been officially confirmed, it has been implied that the Star Plasma Vessel cannot be a man, i.e., that it has to be a woman. And while no explanation has been provided, it could be that this is because Tengen was originally female.

The rest of this article is going to be about Master Tengen, but not about them directly, as we are going to put more focus on the Star Plasma Vessel. We will explain how the Star Plasma Vessel relates to Master Tengen and why this concept is important. We will also reveal how many Star Plasma Vessels have been identified and who they are, i.e., if they really have to be female or if a man can be a Star Plasma Vessel as well. Be careful, though, as we must inform you that this article will contain many spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, so you have to decide for yourselves how you want to approach it.

As far as it is known, the Star Plasma Vessels have always been women, so it is presumed that a man cannot be the Star Plasma Vessel

As everyone knows, Master Tengen plays a relatively significant role in the series. They are in charge of upholding the walls that make up the jujutsu civilization; if they stopped, the entire world might become anarchy. The jujutsu sorcerers are concerned about their safety because they appear to be a very powerful entity.

The barriers are only maintained by Master Tengen, but every 500 years, they go through a specific cycle that will either result in their evolution or a restart. This is caused by Master Tengen’s unique talent for immortality.

The balance will continue to exist because of that capacity, but Master Tengen’s current body must be replaced after 500 years because it is destroyed at that point. However, as Master Tengen won’t actually pass away if the body is not replaced, they will actually develop and reach an entirely new stage of existence, becoming more of a curse than a person. Depending on how the evolution turns out, this might either be advantageous or hazardous. There are two options available.


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In the first scenario, Master Tengen’s evolution might be advantageous for humanity because they would continue to be an ally; in the second, the evolution might be horrifying because Master Tengen might turn into a mindless foe of humanity. So, how is this avoided? Well, this is where the Star Plasma Vessel comes in. Namely, in order to avoid evolution and restart the process, Master Tengen needs to merge with a special human called the Star Plasma Vessel.

As far as it is known, the Star Plasma Vessel is always a human who has the potential to refresh Immortality and restart the whole process. As seen in Riko’s case, they do not have to be active jujutsu sorcerers, but it is implied that they can see curses.

Throughout history, there have been several Star Plasma Vessels, but not much has been revealed about them, actually. We know what the role of the Star Plasma Vessel is, but aside from that, not much has been revealed; in fact, we don’t even know what special traits a Star Plasma Vessel has to have to be a Star Plasma Vessel.

Although a manga panel has shown two other women aside from Riko, only Riko and Yuki Tsukumo have actually been identified as Star Plasma Vessels. All of this implies that the Star Plasma Vessel has to be a woman, as all the previous ones have been women.

Whether a Star Plasma Vessel is born or created is unknown, as is how a Star Plasma Vessel is actually found, so there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding this specific role, especially since we haven’t seen any merger in the series; it has only been talked about.

So, the main question now is whether the Star Plasma Vessel must be a woman. As history has shown us, all the Star Plasma Vessels have been women, and while that could have been a coincidence, it has been implied that it is a fact and that a man cannot be a Star Plasma Vessel.


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As we have said, we don’t know what qualities a Star Plasma Vessel has to have to become one, but being a woman seems to be one of them. This is possibly due to the fact that Tengen was originally female, so it would be somewhat odd for her to simply change bodies like that, but this is an assumption, as Akutami has not provided us with a proper explanation. So, as far as we know, the Star Plasma Vessel cannot be a man and is always a young woman that has certain special qualities.

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