Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 190: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read

Everyone knows that Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular animanga titles of the modern era and that this great series has one of the biggest fandoms within the otaku community. A blend between Bleach and Tokyo Ghoul with a visible dash of originality, Jujutsu Kaisen is still attracting a lot of attention and fans are eagerly waiting for the story to unfold. While we’re waiting for Akutami to continue the story, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Chapter 190 of Jujutsu Kaisen, which is set to be released on July 10, 2022.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 190 release date and time

From what we know at this moment, Chapter 190 of Jujutsu Kaisen is going to be released on July 10, 2022, after a week’s delay. The chapter’s title, as well as the number of pages, are, as of this moment, unknown. The episode titles are usually revealed ahead of the premiere, which is not the case with the manga chapters. The official release date for the upcoming manga chapter applies only to Japan, as the title is going to be released later in other markets. The timelines are as follows:

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 AM (July 10th)
  • Central Time: 10:00 AM (July 10th)
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 AM (July 10th)
  • British Time: 4:00 PM (July 10th)
  • European Time: 5:00 PM (July 10th)
  • Indian Time: 8:30 PM (July 10th)
  • Japan Time: 12:00 AM (July 11th)

This is the official release schedule for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 190, which reveals when you can expect the chapter to be released if you’re in Japan. International releases are to follow soon after.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 190 plot

The plot of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 190 is not known at this moment. Now, as of the time of writing this article, Chapter 189 has been published, which is why we are going to bring you a recap of Chapter 189:

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Even when it appears his luck has run out, Hakari continues to bet it all on his domain expansion, because he is very sure of himself. Hakari proves once again to be extremely fortunate, but he’s not the only one willing to gamble in this situation. As the battle presses on, Kashimo proves he’s willing to take risks in order to achieve victory as well.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 190 spoilers

Manga fans will know that sometime before the debut of a new chapter, spoilers tend to roam the Internet. In this section, we are going to redirect you to the source of these spoilers so you can – at your own disposal – check them out for yourselves. Currently, there are no Chapter 190 spoilers available, but we are going to update this article as soon as they surface online.

Where to read Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 190?

The only place where you can read Jujutsu Kaisen on a regular basis is Viz Media’s official site, which offers the latest chapters in English. Viz Media is the official American publisher of Jujutsu Kaisen, which is why it offers the series regularly, but the chapters are published after the Japanese originals. A Viz Media subscription is a good thing because the chapters are updated regularly, but you also get access to a lot of other series as well.

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