‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Chapter 255 Leaks: Is Akutami Giving Sukuna Yet Another Out-of-the-Blue Save?

‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Chapter 255 Leaks: Is Akutami Giving Sukuna Yet Another Out-of-the-Blue Save?

The leaks for the upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 255 are finally out in Japan and we get to know what happens in the thrilling upcoming chapter of Gege Akutami’s popular manga series. The last chapter, released a week ago, foreshadowed the fight between Sukuna and Miguel, who made a surprising return to the manga, but this new chapter reveals that many other characters will return as the series continues with its usual formula: Sukuna fights and defeats a character, that character is saved, a new one appears, and the cycle repeats itself. All the while, we have no idea what happens to the others and how they are being healed in the background.

So, what is actually going on in this chapter? Well, there are no major surprises, to be honest. Miguel managed to save Ui Ui, as expected, but Larue’s return has also been confirmed, as the two powerful sorcerers and Geto’s former allies are ready to fight Sukuna. A flashback revealed how Miguel initially rejected Yuta and Larue when they asked him to help them fight Sukuna, butt after a private talk with Larue about Geto’s legacy, Miguel finally accepts but only under the following conditions: he will fight Sukuna only after both Gojo and Yuta have lost after Sukuna couldn’t use his Domain anymore, and only if Larue joins him.

Back to the present, Miguel and Larue engage Sukuna, with Larue sending him into a wall, while Miguel dodges his slashes in one of the most epic scenes in the whole manga. This was pure elegance on Akutami’s side; oh, by the way, Miguel is bald. This is also something new to take from the chapter.

The two notice that Sukuna is much weaker than before, but they are still having trouble fighting him. Miguel’s Cursed Technique is revealed, as Gojo explains it in a flashback, calling it practical but not scary, although he commends Miguel’s physical abilities as being impressive.

As Miguel manages to grab Sukuna and hit him hard, more fighters appear and Sukuna is suddenly facing multiple powerful opponents at once. Choso is seen first, hitting Sukuna from the back. Yuji then appears as well, hitting Sukuna hard, and after that, Sukuna’s left arms are cut by Maki, who is confirmed to have survived, with a maniacal expression. It seems like the heroes are going to win, and Yuji, knowing that Sukuna is weakened, prepares to land a finishing blow, but just then, Akutami – in his usual manner – does something that will once again give Sukuna an out-of-the-blue power-up.

Namely, as Yuji is preparing to hit him, Sukuna suddenly lands a Black Flash on Larue, with the narrator explaining that Gojo’s Black Flash returned his Reverse Cursed Technique output to normal, closing the chapter with a grim foreshadowing: “The King of Curses has now regained…”

From our perspective, this looks like another ass-pull on Akutami’s side, just like he did when he seemingly killed off Gojo. The battle had been meaningful for some time now and it seemed to be coming to an end, but Akutami seemed to be prolonging it once more with a move that, from this perspective, won’t have much sense aside from letting Sukuna live for a while now. We’re certain that Sukuna has an ending in mind, but it seems that there will be additional inconsistencies before we actually see it. Be that as it may, we’ve been served another cliffhanger, as expected.

It seems that there is no break next week, so Chapter 256 of Jujutsu Kaisen should be out as scheduled. The fight against Sukuna continues and we are quite excited to see whether Akutami will once again pull something just to prolong the fight, or whether this move will be more meaningful.

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