‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Chapter 257 Leaks: Akutami Finally Confirms Relationship Between Sukuna and Yuji

‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Chapter 257 Leaks: Akutami Finally Confirms Relationship Between Sukuna and Yuji

The leaks for the upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 257 are finally out in Japan and we get to know what happens in the thrilling upcoming chapter of Gege Akutami’s popular manga series. The chapter that debuted two weeks ago was more or less a fighting chapter in line with the majority of the chapters we’ve seen in recent months, and while it did leave us on a cliffhanger, we did not expect much, and as it turned out – the fight is not really progressing. And while Chapter 257 does reveal some intriguing background details, the fight is not really progressing.

Gege Akutami seems to be focusing on a more-or-less fixed (and somewhat predictable, or even boring) structure of his current chapters. They start off with a flashback related to the current fight, revealing more background info, then show a new character fighting Sukuna, which is followed by another (usually Gojo-related) flashback, and then conclude with some fight scenes that end with a cliffhanger. This is what we are going to see in Chapter 257 as well.

The first flashback is a discussion between Sukuna and Uraume about the past and this is by far the most interesting part of this chapter. Namely, Sukuna reveals more information about his past and that he had a twin brother, whose soul he devoured in the womb. The soul was, of course, reincarnated later and from what we could understand from the translations, it was reincarnated into Jin Itadori, Yuji’s father, which would make Sukuna his uncle!

Fans have been speculating that Sukuna and Yuji are related for years now and it seems that Akutami has finally decided to confirm this. We have to state that the official translation is not out yet and that fans are not in unison about the proper translation of Sukuna’s words, but from what most fans think – Sukuna confirms that he is Yuji’s uncle and that is by far the most interesting moment in Chapter 257, especially since it means that Yuji has the potential to use the same powers as Sukuna.

The plot then goes back to the fight, where we see Yuji beat up Sukuna, but the King of Curses is able to hold his ground. Takuma Ino also reappears, but he is easily defeated by Sukuna so his appearance is comically irrelevant, which is in line with how Akutami has been portraying the guy so far.

The Gojo flashback scene is short and more or less related to Takuma’s intervention, as well as Takuma’s relationship with Nanami, but since Ino’s attack was quickly blocked by Sukuna, this flashback doesn’t seem to hold that much importance at this moment, but it might prove to be more important later in the series.

And that brings us back to the present, as Yuji is ready to strike at Sukuna once again. This fight is interesting because Yuji is able to land several Black Flashes in a row, which surprises and scares Sukuna, who is still able to hold his ground, but is now in severe pain, as the Black Flashes are dealing some serious damage to him. The chapter ends with Yuji landing another Black Flash and from what it seems, there is no break next week.

Overall, the chapter has provided us with an interesting revelation, but it has been executed somewhat poorly, and based on everything else that’s been going on, it won’t have the desired impact. Aside from that, a more or less standard chapter that pushes the plot forward by keeping it in place, which is a formula that Akutami has been using for a while now. We cannot anticipate what is going to happen in the next chapter, but it doesn’t seem like we are about to receive a shocking revelation. But, since it’s Akutami we are talking about, we cannot be sure. This is why it would be for the best if you kept following us, as we are going to bring you all the updates as soon as they arrive!

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