Jujutsu Kaisen: Where Are Master Tengen & When Will They Appear?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Where Are Master Tengen & When Will They Appear?

Jujutsu Kaisen’s second season has recently begun, and the first episodes are going to be dedicated to Gojo’s Past Arc, a little “flashback arc” that we think will be quite enjoyable. And while you may be wondering why that is like that, we can confirm that the main story and this flashback arc are actually connected by several narrative elements, including Master Tengen, a mysterious figure who had been mentioned earlier but has now—for the first time—become a prominent character in the series, although still not in an active manner. But, since Master Tengen are so important for the series, we have decided to write up this article for you, in which we are going to tell you where Master Tengen are at this moment and when they are going to appear in the series.

Master Tengen are located within the Tombs of the Star Corridor, a special section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College protected by strong barriers that keep Master Tengen safe. The location is not secret per se, but it is well protected; Master Tengen themselves demanded guards, despite the strong barriers, out of fear that Kenjaku might manipulate him. As for the first appearance, Master Tengen debuted, in person, for the first time in Chapter 144 of the manga.

As you’ve probably deduced by now, this article will focus on Master Tengen, the character who is a background focus of the Gojo’s Part Arc, and their current whereabouts in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime series. We will bring you all the known information about the location where Master Tengen is hidden and when you can expect them to appear in person in the series, both the manga and the anime. Be careful, though, as we must inform you that this article will contain many spoilers from the manga, so you have to decide for yourselves how you want to approach it.

Master Tengen are hidden in the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, and while they are going to appear, it happened much later in the story

Tengen, better known as Master Tengen, and referred to as ‘they’ in the series, are an important, albeit minor supporting character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series; they have appeared in the manga but have yet to appear in the anime, despite being mentioned.

Master Tengen are actually an immortal jujutsu sorcerer who remain sheltered in the Tombs of the Star Corridor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. Their cursed technique, Immortality, grants them – as the name implies – immortality and allows them to strengthen the barriers of jujutsu colleges. Still, every 500 years, they must change their body since their technique does not prevent aging. Other than using their barriers, Tengen does not alter the basic tenets of reality and are more or less a passive observer of the world around them.

Now, the Gojo’s Past Arc is centered around Master Tengen, but they themselves are not seen in this arc. In the arc, three factions are focused on Master Tengen – Q, who wants to destroy the current jujutsu society and reshape it; the Time Vessel Association, who worship Master Tengen; and the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, who wish to merge Master Tengen with the Star Plasma Vessel in order to maintain the current balance of things. Namely, if Master Tengen does not merge with a new vessel, they evolve, and this evolution can be a good or a bad thing.


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In fact, there here are two ways that it can go. One, the evolution could be beneficial for humanity as Master Tengen would remain an ally; two, the evolution could be horrific, as Master Tengen could become a mindless enemy of humanity, an enemy the jujutsu sorcerers could probably not take down with ease.

This is why the Star Plasma Vessel was so important and why the school cared so much about the whole process. But, this actually did not happen: before the end of the arc, Toji Fushiguro killed the current Star Plasma Vessel, and the situation was potentially chaotic. But, we later found out that Master Tengen managed to stabilize themselves somehow, making things easier.

So, we now know that Master Tengen are alive, but where are they? At this moment, Master Tengen are hidden in the Tombs of the Star Corridor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. This is not a particularly secret location, but strong barriers protect it, as Master Tengen are the best barrier creator in the jujutsu society. And while they have been just background character for a long time, Master Tengen actually appeared later in the story and as an ally of the protagonists!

Master Tengen actually made their in-person debut in Chapter 144 of the manga. The chapter was titled “That Place” and was first published on March 28, 2021, now being part of Volume 17 of the manga series. This is when the protagonists first meet Master Tengen, who has now taken a very different form, being a curse much more than a human. And while Master Tengen provided the protagonists with numerous information related to their current enemies and problems, they also wanted more guards because they were afraid.

Namely, Master Tengen never wanted to become an enemy of humanity, but as they are currently more like a curse than a human, they can also be manipulated by powerful curse users, such as Kenjaku. Fearing that Kenjaku, who is the strongest barrier creator after Master Tengen, could break their barriers and manipulate them into becoming evil, Master Tengen demanded guards, which he received for the time being, and that is where we left them.


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As for the anime appearance, we’ll have to inform you that it’ll still be a while before we see Master Tengen; he won’t be appearing in Season 2, unless the producers decide to give us a surprising non-canon cameo, but that is something we don’t know at this moment.

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