Junji Ito’s Uzumaki Gets an Anime Adaptation, Release Date, and Details

If you like reading manga, you probably had a chance to hear of Junji Ito and his unsettling horror masterpieces. If so, you probably know about one of his most popular manga series Uzumaki. Uzumaki is finally getting an anime adaptation, with fans around the world waiting for the miniseries to be officially released. The release date for the anime was initially set for an earlier date, however, the team behind the series confirmed that we will get to enjoy Ito’s horror story in 2022.

Hiroshi Nagama, the director of the anime series, announced the date for the release in 2022, adding that the series is still in production. Uzumaki was originally scheduled for release in 2019, but Nagama confirmed that the series are still being produced. The director also added his apologies for the fans and revealed that the series is late mostly because of the complications with Covid-19 outbreak.

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The story of Uzumaki is following young Kirie Goshima, the main protagonist in the series. Kirie is discovering that something strange is happening in her hometown, creating a preface to the story already in the first episode to which the director shared a glimpse with a trailer snippet, promising that more trailers will be released over time to tease the fans without revealing too much.

Uzumaki Release Date and Details

Uzumaki was originally announced for 2019, but the date was rescheduled for October 2022. Uzumaki horror manga was illustrated and written by Junji Ito, revolving around a small town where inhabitants become obsessed with spirals. Junji Ito will also be giving his voice to a character in the series, however, the mangaka doesn’t want to reveal more about his participation in voicing a character.

The series will air on Toonami, a US TV channel.  

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