Ka-Zar Possibly Making an Appearance in Thunderbolts (Rumor)

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According to what Marvel Studios announced during the 2022 San Diego Comic Con, we are going to get a Thunderbolts movie sometime in 2024 as part of Phase Five of the MCU. However, at this point, it is too early to speculate what could happen in that movie, except for the fact that it might revolve around villains or anti-hero characters. Nevertheless, there are still rumors that surface from time to time.

One of the rumors that people believe might be true is the possibility of Ka-Zar appearing in Thunderbolts, especially with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever looming and ready. One of the best times for such a character to appear is in the upcoming Black Panther movie before he makes his official debut in Thunderbolts (much like how Hercules appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder). So, as such, we are here to look at what the rumors are saying about a possible Ka-Zar appearance in Thunderbolts.

Is Ka-Zar Making An Appearance In Thunderbolts?

We all know that there is going to be a Thunderbolts movie, as this was part of the huge announcement that Marvel Studios made during the 2022 San Diego Comic Con. Thunderbolts is going to be the final movie of Phase Five of the MCU and is going to see a release date sometime in 2024, especially if the scheduling is followed. In that regard, fans are already excited about the possibility of certain characters that aren’t exactly heroic having their own movie.

Of course, what we know about the Thunderbolts right now is minimal at best, considering that there haven’t been a lot of possible characters that could be making an appearance in that move. At this point, Baron Zemo is the most likely to appear in Thunderbolts, although we aren’t fully sure of that yet. Nevertheless, there are already rumors surrounding some of the characters that could possibly appear in Thunderbolts.

While nothing is certain as of now, there are rumors that Marvel is doing tests for the role of a character named Ka-Zar, who might end up becoming one of the Marvel personalities that will be appearing in Thunderbolts. And the possibility of him appearing in Thunderbolts is actually rooted in the storyline of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The first thing that has become obvious in Wakanda Forever is a possible war between Wakanda and Atlantis due to some sort of incident. Of course, we aren’t here to talk about Black Panther 2. However, we cannot help but make an assumption based on rumors and a few facts that point to the possibility of Ka-Zar getting introduced sometime in the future due to Wakanda Forever.

When it comes to the Black Panther movie franchise in the MCU, the one thing we know is that not everything on Earth has been explored, even though the Avengers have already traveled in space and have entered different timelines and universes. Despite the fact that we have seen our heroes getting to places that were seemingly uncharted, we haven’t seen everything there is to see on Earth, and that is where Wakanda and Atlantis come in. 


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We already know that Wakanda has already opened up to the world, but Atlantis is set to make an appearance in Wakanda Forever. But how does Ka-Zar relate to all that? Well, he comes from a land called the Savage Land, which is an untouched tropical area that’s hidden away in Antarctica. And it seems like the upcoming Black Panther movie is the best place to reveal the Savage Land to set up the future introduction of Ka-Zar, considering that Black Panther tends to talk about the unexplored and hidden civilizations around the world.

There are even rumors that suggest the possibility that one of the post-credit scenes of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will reveal the Savage Land. Nevertheless, that is simply a rumor that we are only going to confirm when the movie finally gets released. Still, we do believe that setting the Savage Land up during the events of Black Panther should be a good idea because of how it allows us to swiftly see an introduction of Ka-Zar in Thunderbolt, considering that it would make it easier to set up his introduction in that movie without having to spend a lot of time introducing the Savage Land.

Who Is Ka-Zar?

We spent a good time talking about the possibility of Ka-Zar appearing in Thunderbolts, but we never actually talked about who this character is. However, true fans of Marvel Comics would be familiar with Ka-Zar, who is basically the Tarzan character of the Marvel Universe.

Kazar Featured

Created in 1965 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Ka-Zar made his debut as an X-Men character in the tenth issue of the comic book series. He lives in a place called the Savage Land, which is a tropical area that was hidden beneath Antarctica long ago by extraterrestrials. However, Ka-Zar was never a native to the Savage Land.

Ka-Zar was born as Kevin Plunder in Plunder Castle in England to Lord Robert Plunder. He found himself in the Savage Land when he and his father went on an expedition to Antarctica as it was Robert Plunder who discovered the existence of this land. And the reason why Lord Plunder wanted to journey there was to look for an anti-metal that was actually an isotope of Vibranium.

This is where we see the connection between Wakanda and the Savage Land, as the same rumors that we mentioned a while ago actually involved an expedition launched to search for Vibranium but ended up waking up Namor instead. 

Going back to Ka-Zar, Kevin was left all alone in the Savage Land when his father was killed by the man-ape inhabitants of this mysterious land. That was when the mutant sabretooth tiger named Zabu raised him and called him Ka-Zar, which basically means “Son of the Tiger.”

In many ways, Ka-Zar ended up becoming a hero, especially when it came to protecting the Savage Land from civilization. That’s because Kevin Plunder became distrustful of what regular human civilization would do to his home. And this is probably where he might fit in with the rest of the Thunderbolts, as it is possible that his anti-hero character might play well with the personalities of the other characters who are set to join this anti-hero/reformed villain group.

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