Ken Wakui, Author of ‘Tokyo Revengers,’ Will See His New Manga, ‘Negai no Astro,’ Debut in April!

Ken Wakui, Author of 'Tokyo Revengers,' Will See His New Manga, 'Negai no Astro,' Debut in April!

Anime and manga fans will have heard of the name Ken Wakui for sure, as the mangaka is known as the author of one of the most popular series in recent years. Tokyo Revengers became a global hit and one of the best yanki series in history, with the anime further increasing the series’ popularity around the world. Now, Tokyo Revengers ended in 2022 after five years of publication (the anime is still ongoing but is on a break as of the time of writing), which means that Wakui is ready for a new project, which is set to debut on April 15, 2024, in the popular Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine.

As has been confirmed, Wakui’s new project is going to be titled Negai no Astro (Japanese: 願いのアストロ; roughly translated as “Astro of the Wishes”), and will be a supernatural action series that will, as it seems, not be following the formula of Tokyo Revengers, although based on some hints, we might seem some similarities, as Tokyo Revengers also had a very important and pronounced supernatural aspect.

This news was actually confirmed by the magazine itself, which also revealed that the two other titles that will be debuting in the two weeks after Wakui’s debut, as you can see:

The magazine has officially described Wakui’s upcoming manga as follows: “The supernatural action series is set around the character Hibaru, who aims to become the strongest yakuza. Commencing with a focus on the succession war of the Yotsurugi-gumi clan, the first chapter will consist of 58 pages, per Anime News Network.”

It is unknown how long the manga will be serialized, but we hope that Wakui will have success with this one as well. As the teaser illustrations reveal, Wakui’s characteristic character design style will be present here as well, which prompted numerous fans to compare Negai no Astro to Tokyo Revengers, with some fans even saying that the upcoming manga is just “Tokyo Revengers: Next Generation.” As things stand now, there is no apparent connection between the two stories, though.

This is what we have for you now, but be sure to keep following us for more updates on the series as they arrive.

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