Ken Wakui’s ‘Negai no Astro,’ Translated Offically as ‘Astro Royale,’ Debuts in Weekly Shōnen Jump!

Ken Wakui's 'Negai no Astro,' Translated Offically as 'Astro Royale,' Debuts in Weekly Shōnen Jump!

We have already written about this in our earlier text, but Tokyo Revengers author Ken Wakui has a new manga that finally debuted in today’s Weekly Shōnen Jump after some weeks of anticipation. The manga is titled Negai no Astro and its first chapter was finally released, with fans being able to enjoy the new world and story created by one of the most popular and most important yanki titles in the history of the genre. The manga will also be available in English under the title Astro Royale, so you will be able to follow it almost simultaneously.

At this moment, we don’t know how long the serialization will last, i.e., whether Wakui is planning a longer series and whether the publishers will publish it for a long(er) period of time, but it seems that the hype is there, and where there is hype, there is also a prospect for a great future.

As of the time of writing, not much is known about the plot of Negai no Astro, as the manga still has to develop, but the publisher has released an official synopsis of the manga’s story, so we can get a rough idea of what we can expect in the future:

The supernatural action series is set around the character Hibaru, who aims to become the strongest yakuza. Commencing with a focus on the succession war of the Yotsurugi-gumi clan, the first chapter will consist of 58 pages, per Anime News Network.

The manga will feature Wakui’s characteristic style, something we have already seen and grown fond of in Tokyo Revengers, and knowing that Wakui effectively combines supernatural elements in his stories (like he did with Tokyo Revengers), we can look forward to a very interesting narrative that will surely attract some attention.

From this point, we can confirm that the story seems promising and that we are cheering for Negai no Astro to become another hit that we will be able to enjoy in the future, as well as in an anime format at a later point in the future.

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