Canadian Actress Kiana Madeira Wants to Play Zatanna in the DCU

Canadian Actress Kiana Madeira Wants to Play Zatanna in the DCU

The DCU is still very young, and we have yet to see how James Gunn’s vision will come to life and what it will look like. But, from the looks of it, Gunn has a very firm vision of what he wants to create, and fans of DC Comics definitely have a lot to be excited about. Not many projects have been announced and planned as of the time of writing, but one common topic is related to the actors who might appear in the DCU, as casting is always a very important aspect of a project. In light of that fact, fans are always proposing their own choices, but some actors are publically promoting themselves for certain roles!

Canadian actress Kiana Madeira is the most recent actress to come out with her desire to play a character in Gunn’s upcoming DCU and she has her eyes set on Zatanna, the famous magician from DC Comics, who is an enormously popular character and a character with a lot of potential!

Kiana Madeira is a young Canadian actress who made a name for herself in Netflix’s series Trinkets, a very popular teen drama series. She also played Deena in the 2021 Netflix horror film trilogy Fear Street, which further increased her popularity and visibility. She has also been playing Nora in the After series, debuting in 2021’s After We Fell. She also appeared in numerous television projects as well, and her credits include a minor role in The Flash, as well as a major role – that of Supergirl – in the animated series My Adventures with Superman.

As you can see, Madeira definitely has the experience to appear in a larger DC project and knowing that Gunn likes to explore the lesser-known realms of his universes (although he is directing a Superman film), Madeira might just see her wish come true in the near future. Namely, the actress has expressed her desire to play the magician Zatanna, saying the following: “Absolutely!! I would love to play Zatanna! That would be fire.”

Zatanna Zatara a magician in the DC Comics fictional universe; she was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, and first appeared in Hawkman #4 (November 1964). She is the daughter of the renowned magician Zatara and belongs to the homo magi race, which is a unique faction of humanity that has innate magical abilities. Publically, she is known worldwide for her exceptional skills as a professional illusionist, combining stage magic with her actual skills to amaze audiences around the world. On top of that, from time to time, she assumes the mantle of a mystic superhero, with her main goal being the impression of malevolent forces. Zatanna’s extensive understanding of magic and her skills in using her powers have established her as a highly sought-after consultant in matters pertaining to the arcane arts, very similar to John Constantine.

We don’t know whether Zatanna will appear in the DCU, but the character did play an important role in DC’s animated projects, and we’d love to see her on the big screen as well. This is why we will definitely be following up on this story as well as Madeira’s career and will bring you all the latest updates as soon as they are released.

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