Kin’emon vs. Kaido: Who Will Win in a Fight?

Kin'emon vs. Kaido: Who Will Win in a Fight?

One Piece is an anime that certainly has its fair share of strong and powerful characters. Kaido of the Beasts is one of those characters, as he is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the whole series. Although his role is smaller since his defeat to Luffy in Wano Country, he is still a formidable character and is great for comparisons. In this article, we are going to go back to the fight he had with Kin’emon to tell you who the stronger fighter among the two is.

Individually, Kin’emon doesn’t stand much chance against Kaido and would ultimately lose. Kin’emon is a formidable swordsman and is quite powerful, but he cannot do much against Kaido’s raw strength in combination with his fighting experience and his Devil Fruit. This is why Kaido of the Beasts would defeat Kin’emon with relative ease.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Kin’emon and Kaido in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is, i.e., why Kaido would, according to our analysis, be able to defeat Kin’emon. Thanks to the One Piece Wiki for the information about some of the powers and abilities.

Physical powers

As a samurai from Wano Country, Kin’emon possesses enormous resistance to pain and cold, his head is able to withstand Sanji’s powerful kicks and also his torso can withstand the cold that normal people would die of hypothermia. Even after being dismembered, Kin’emon was able to put up a fight with his legs, recklessly attacking Luffy when Luffy found him.

Oni Kaidou

Due to his muscle mass, Kaido has enormous physical strength. He managed to capsize nine giant prison ships. Kaido is powerful enough that his single scream caused visible damage to the area around him. One of Kaido’s main strengths is his inability to die; indeed, he suffered seven defeats, was captured by the Navy or enemies eighteen times, was tortured over a thousand times and finally, was sentenced to death forty times. However, no execution, whatever it was, worked.

Kaido also jumped 10,000 meters out of the sky onto the ground, creating a massive shockwave strong enough to sink a nearby ship, and only ended up with a headache; suicide has become a hobby for him. Kaido is as powerful as Charlotte Linlin, being able to fight on equal footing during their fight; like Shanks and Edward Newgate, Kaido and Big Mom were able to split the sky in half after just one hit. So far, no one has been able to stand up to Big Mom, which is highly indicative of Kaido’s power.

Although Kin’smon’s physical powers aren’t completely clear, as it has never been clearly shown just how powerful he is, we know that he is not as powerful as Kaido. If we compare Kaido’s abilities from his fights with Luffy, we think that he is a lot stronger than Kin’emon.

Points: Kin’emon 0, Kaido 1

Devil Fruit

Kin’emon ate the Fuku Fuku no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to create clothing or disguises for anyone, including himself; if one puts a leaf or stone on their head, which he can then transform by saying “Poof” into the necessary outfit for as long as he can visualize it. The elements that manifest through her powers are not illusions, as they are tangible enough to be felt by those who wear them.

Clothing created by its power can also be used for other conveniences, such as keeping warm while the wearers are in an environment with a cold climate. This ability is only dispelled if the clothes are removed. As with all Devil Fruit users, it freezes upon touching water. Despite this, the clothes created remain as long as they are worn. This fruit has not yet been clearly identified since even Kin’emon does not know its exact name.

Kaido ate the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into an oriental dragon, in the same way as Momonosuke, the main difference being that Kaido has a gigantic size in dragon form and appears to be in control of his transformations.

He cannot, however, maintain this appearance if he takes too many powerful blows to keep up like the ones Luffy gave him. He is also able to cause lightning by roaring loud enough. Kaido was also shown to be able to lift the entire island of Onigashima and seemed capable of moving it all the way to the Flower Capital.

Kin’emon’s Devil Fruit is quite practical, but not powerful. This is why it is pretty much useless when compared to Kaido’s Devil Power, and why the Yonko actually wins this point as well.

Points: Kin’emon 0, Kaido 2


Kin’emon has been shown to be able to use two of the three types of Haki. Kin’emon has been shown to know how to use Kenbunshoku Haki. Even after being dismembered by Law, his legs and torso were able to fight, even without his head, against various enemies. Kin’emon’s legs said, using his farts, that he could feel the “aura” of other people: he can even feel the “aura” with just his legs or torso, and he uses it to attack his opponents.

Also, the parts of his body separated from him moved by “sensing” his surroundings (although his legs somehow ended up attached to the Dragon). Kin’emon has been shown to know how to control Busoshoku Haki, imbuing katanas with it in an attempt to stop Doflamingo’s Torikago alongside Zoro and Kanjuro.


20 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece (RANKED)

Kaidou is one of the few people who can control all three types of Haki. Kaidou was shown to control Kenbunshoku Haki by sensing Kozuki Oden’s presence on Enma as it was used by Roronoa Zoro. She also used it to sense the voices of the supernovae following his and Big Mom’s combined attack which allowed her to state that they were still alive.

Kaidou’s control is such that, like Charlotte Katakuri or Luffy, she is able to use it in an advanced way and thus see the future. Kaidou possesses a high level of Busoshoku Haki, with Law stating that she could not directly move Kaidou into his room due to the Royal Haki being too strong. His Busoshoku Haki also allows him to have skin that is practically invulnerable to normal attacks.

Kaidou is one of the few people in the world capable of using Haoshoku Haki. Upon colliding with Charlotte Linlin using his Kanabo, they both generated the typical lightning discharge. Kaidou can use the advanced variant of Haoshoku Haki, imbuing his Kanabo with his will, which expels black bolts violently from its end and makes them extend towards his enemies.

We don’t have much to say here, as Kaido is able to use all three types of Haki, whereas Kin’emon can use only two. This is why Kaido wins this point as well.

Points: Kin’emon 0, Kaido 3


When his body is whole again, Kin’emon quickly demonstrates his fighting style with his sword by attacking the Slime using a fighting style that is named Kitsunebi-ryu. He uses a one or two sword style. He states that his saber has the ability to burn his opponents hence his nickname “the Fire Fox”. He cuts up Smiley who explodes, but unexpectedly no one was caught in the explosion.

Kin’emon reveals that he was able to slice through the explosion due to his technique which burns everything his blade slices through, including fire: according to him, this is the secret power of his technique. He was also later shown to be able to slice through iron as he demonstrated by slicing through the emergency shutters of Caesar’s lab.

KitsunebiRyu 2

Kaidou wields Hassaikai, a giant metal kanabo, covered in spikes and appropriate for his size. Along with his immense physical strength, he can use it to crush his opponents and send them great distances and was able to knock Luffy unconscious with a single blow, breaking the enormous defensive power of his enhanced Busoshoku Haki with his Gear Fourth form. With it, he was also able to block Charlotte Linlin’s attack with Napoleon, an extremely powerful sword. Kaidou executed Kozuki Oden with a double-barreled pistol, it is unknown what has become of this weapon today or if he still has it.

Had it been Oden, Kaido would not have received a point in this category, but since Kin’emon is not really that skilled to surpass Kaido in a swordfight, but is skilled enough to parry him, we divided the points in this category.

Points: Kin’emon 1, Kaido 4

Kin’emon vs. Kaido: Who wins?

The points actually show a clear difference in Kaido’s favor and we have to agree with that. Kaido is stronger, there is no denying that. He is more powerful, he is better in using Haki, and his Devil Fruit is much more powerful than Kin’emon’s. On the other hand, Kin’emon could fight him on equal terms in a swordfight, but that is all he could do. Interestingly, Kin’emon never actually fought against Kaido individually, but he did fight him and injure him severely as part of a group, so let us quickly recap this fight before we conclude this article.

When Kanjuro and his army were defeated, Kin’emon and Denjiro rejoined the rest of Pods and Izo. After that, they entered Kaidou’s castle, made their way to the main stage, and launched a group attack on Kaidou. As they fell to the lower floor, the Pods managed to inflict Kaidou wounds. When the alliance mobilized and attacked the Beasts Pirates, Kaidou transformed into his dragon form and flew up to the skull’s roof, with the Pods grabbing onto him.

On the roof, the Pods prepared to fight Kaidou with the help of the mink tribe. As Jack battled the mink tribe, Kin’emon prepared to help them, but Inuarashi and Nekomamushi intervened after transforming into their sulong forms and told him that they would deal with him. After Jack and his group were defeated, the Pods and Izo resumed their confrontation with Kaidou.

As the Emperor attempted to burn the samurai with his fire breath, Kin’emon cut the flames and slashed Kaidou’s mouth. Said cut began the combat without quarter, getting both him and Ashura Doji as well as Denjiro and Inuarashi to make a cut at the height of his scar with togen totsuka, just like twenty years ago. Kaidou responded with a roar that created scythes of wind, and Kin’emon was alarmed as Kikunojo’s left arm was severed.

Izo wrapped a tourniquet around Kikunojo’s arm, and Kin’emon cauterized the wound. Kaidou returned to his human form, praising the samurai for his determination and commenting that death completes a person. Kin’emon sneered back, saying that losing to Kaidou brings no honor. Continuing the battle, Kaidou began to overwhelm the Red Scabbards and then incapacitated them.

Big Mom, Kid, Killer, Zoro, Luffy, and Law later arrived on the roof. Luffy quickly checked on Kin’emon and his group and Kin’emon tearfully begged him to take Wano’s fate on his shoulders, to which Luffy agreed. At Luffy’s request, Law teleported the Pods to safety. Apparently, they ended up in the treasure room on the second floor, where a mysterious person was tending to their serious injuries.

And this is how the fight between the Scabbards – Kin’emon included – and Kaido went down. Kaido was ultimately defeated by Luffy and Kin’emon survived the clash.

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