‘KonoSuba’ Announces Long-Awaited Season 3 Release, Six Years After Season 2

Konosuba season 3

Nearly six years after its beloved second season, the legendary isekai anime, ‘KonoSuba,’ has officially unveiled plans for its third season. Die-hard fans have been anxiously waiting for this moment, and the recent teaser has sent waves of excitement throughout the anime community.

‘KonoSuba’ dropped a teaser video, shedding light on the upcoming season and the surprises it holds. Slated to premiere in 2024, the specifics of the release date still remain under wraps.

The big reveal occurred during the celebration of Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko’s 35th anniversary. Fans were offered a sneak peek through a promotional clip that not only spoke of the return of Season 3 but also introduced a fresh cast lineup.

While the maiden duo of seasons was brought to life by Studio Deen, the animation will now be passed to Studio Drive. Interestingly, they’re the same minds behind the 2023 KonoSuba spin-off and have a commendable portfolio that boasts notable works like ‘My Dress-Up Darling’ and ‘Demon Slayer.’

In the director’s chair for the upcoming season is Yujiro Abe, with Koichi Kikuta showcasing his prowess as the character designer. While many of the original voice artists will reprise their roles, the series will be enriched with the voices of newcomers Yahagi Sayuri, Kanon Takao, and Reina Ueda.


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Originating from the popular light novels penned by the duo of Natsume Akatsuki and Kurone Mishima, ‘KonoSuba’s journey started in 2013 and spanned 17 volumes till 2020. The first anime adaptation hit the screens in 2016, and since then, the series, with its films, spin-offs, and games, has cemented its position not just as a top-tier isekai but as an anime phenomenon.

The narrative for Season 3 is set to resume from the previous season’s cliffhanger, following our quirky quartet – Kazuma, Megumin, Darness, and Aqua – in their uproarious expedition to thwart the Demon King.

While the backdrop and themes of ‘KonoSuba’ resonate with familiar isekai elements, the unpredictable camaraderie of the main characters sets it apart. From Darkness’s masochistic tendencies to Megumin’s obstinacy, Aqua’s delightful incompetence, and Kazuma’s humorous improprieties, the series offers a comedic perspective to the isekai world that will undoubtedly echo for generations to come.

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